Smut & Chick Lit

Monica and Shannon (and sorry Shannon for wasting your blog space) already covered this well but I have to add my 2 cents.

First off (and I think this applies to both genres because I’ve gotten/seen/read/heard it from people about both Erotic Romance and Chick Lit) when non-chick lit or non-erotica writers say things like “I don’t know anyone who reads it!” (grrrrrr) or ramble on about how offensive erotic romances are or the graphic language or the covers or how they “just don’t get it” or “can’t read first person” or how “chick lit is all shoes and multiple sex partners” what they’re really saying “I feel threatened. I don’t write that and if such-and-such-a genre keeps growing it limits my chances at publication or future sales.”

If we (as a collective whole) don’t show each other respect, we can’t expect everyone else (IE journalists who are psychoticly attached to wods like BODICE and RIPPER) to either.