The Contest Slut Rides Again

I found out Saturday (after an exhausting day of house-hunting which is a whole nother post) that one of my ms. finaled in ST the SARA Merritt contest! Last year this ms came one place from finaling and normally it does either really WELL or really really BAD (ie your heroine is a slut). I”m sure if you’ve spent any time on my blog, you know which manuscript I’m talking about, however for this contest I gave it a new name.

So Cowboys Don’t Cry finaled in the Merritt under the title Once in a Blue Moon. :kiss:) Why did I do this? I”m not sure. Esp since the Merrit is a contest that requires a synopsis the judges OBVIOUSLY know the hero is an abuse survivor, but I did wonder if a different title might make a difference. What will the final round judge think? Guess we’ll find out!

I’d LOVE to go to the Merritt conference, but with buying a house, I’m just not sure if it’s feasable to spend that sort of money. However the TWW is doing an all day workshop that SAturday in Southlake with Robin Perini and Laura Baker. I’ve heard wonderful things about this workshop so I’m really really torn!