I’ll Play

Jordan started it and Shan and Sasha have continued it. Since I have not one damned interesting thing to blog about this week, I’ll just …follow their lead.

My name is Cece (regardless of what any birth certificate says) and my life has been fairly boring but here goes. I’ve ridden a horse, I spent 2 years in the Phillipines (not that I remember), I found my biological mother and facilitated reunions for other people. I learned to read tarot cards (I’m seeing a theme here girls) and do numerology. I’ve done past life regression.
I’ve been divorced 3x longer than I was married, drove to Nashville all by myself, worked one weekend as a waitress in a strip club, got two tattoos, and um wrote a book.

Things I’d like to do? See New Mexico, Montana, Colorado (again), Tennessee (again), and the Carolinas. Visit Teotihuacan. Learn to play the guitar. Meet my crit partners IRL. And take the kids to Disney World.