Stupid Servers

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Daisy you are correct! Our webhosting co (Raine, Mik, Hollie and I all use the same one) had problems with our server. It was down all day yesterday and again this morning (possibly for maintenance?).

Not 100% sure it’s up for good or not now, so anyone who came by, that’s why. :dead:

7 thoughts on “Stupid Servers

  1. When it was down, I yelled at my husband, “What did you do???” and he was yelling “I didn’t touch anything!!!” That’s because I caught him using my computer that morning. That’ll teach him to leave it alone.

  2. Denise…Sandy, Mik and I were discussing our withdrawls this morning.

    Raine *howling*

    Steph….I’ll tell my webhosting co you said so :flirt:

    Sandy! Your poor hubby! LOL