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First off, check out Danica’s blog. She’s got three or four inspirational posts up that I just love.

Second check out Daisy’s latest post. It’s another great read.

Third got this quiz from Annalee. The artwork is amazing and it’s dead on :doze:

“Your personality often has two sides. You
have no trouble taking things in stride, but
you like a peaceful balance in your life. You
have a lot of creativity, especially when it
comes to the written word. You are a great
communicator and are very open to new ideas.
You also have a strong desire to learn.”

. : : Which Astrological Planet are You? : : . [10 Gorgeous Pics!]
brought to you by Quizilla

Last…must edit. Sick. Save the hugs and send whiskey. :dead:

7 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. My test came up Venus, and you’re right, her artwork is gorgeous!

    Sorry to hear you’re sick. As instructed, no hugs. And since everyone else here is already sending you all that whiskey, I figure sending another shipment would just be overkill. Instead, I just took a vigorous swig straight from the bottle and toasted to your health. 😎

  2. Danica the posts were fab!
    Daisy…drink some more for me :zipit: Everyone else…just send more booze.

    Thanks ya’ll!