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First a quick congrats to Caffey and Linda. Please email me your snail mail addresses so I can get your books out as soon as I can (please bare with me, I’m still under deadline)! felicity.jpg

Next….I mentioned over at SFC yesterday that one of the blessings of being a writer was knowing some Damned Talented people. And I do mean damned talented! (you know who you are).

One of those people is Vanessa Jaye. I read her first review for FELICITY STRIPPED BARE over at Karen Scott’s and honestly, got a little teary-eyed. You see, I’ve known Vanessa since probably a year after I started writing. I met her on the eharlequin boards and eventually we got to be friends and critique partners and this book was phenomenal even in it’s earlier incarnations.

Even though we don’t critique anymore, I’m very proud to call her friend and celebrate her first book release. She is, without a doubt, a phenomenal writer (who needs to write faster damnit woman you’re killing me jeeeeeeeeez).

You can check out Felicity Stripped Bare here.

3 thoughts on “Stripped

  1. You know who’s blessed? Me. For having such awesome, supportive friends. Thanks, babes!

    Jordan, thank you! I’m still floating. 😀

    Marissa, I hope you like it!!