Stolen Again

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Stolen from Loribelle, who stole it from someone else :fly:

Ten elements or words always associated with my stories.

1. Southern setting.
2. Gamma males (Okay 9 times out of 10).
3. Beer–usually Miller Light. Maybe just saying Booze would be easier. :flirt:
4. The word FUCK :hideme: (and not necessarily associated with sex)
5. Sexually confident women.
6. Sex. :yippee:
7. Connected characters/stories.
8. Humor–usually in the form of sarcasm 😀

Crap….I can only think of 8! So what’s on your list?

*edited because I forgot to take one of Loribelles out :mybad:

16 thoughts on “Stolen Again

  1. Ooo I use fuck in my books a lot too! Well, especially my most recent ones. Hee hee. I have potty mouth heros. Okay, I’m an idiot. What’s a Gamma male?

    Thanks for being so supportive of me. It really means a lot. And I hear how great you are on all the loops. See, that’s why you’ll rock in this business! :-):woot:

  2. Shelli you’re making me blush! :kiss:

    Fuck is definitely one of my favorite words–we should all enjoy the sound of it! My children informed me the other day I’d wracked up about 5.00 I owe to the swear jar–the worse the word the more it costs. *sigh* Potty Mouth I.

    Gamma falls between an alpha and a beta. I found this on AAR
    Deb Stover’s definition of the gamma male is: “One who doesn’t fit the image of the macho Alpha male, or the easygoing Beta either. He’s a combination — a mutation? – – of both types of man, and makes a hero to die for.”

    Maybe I should blog about this…I love gammas even more than betas. I’m not an alpha type of girl even though I’ve written one.

    I know there’s an article on AAR about it but I can’t find it!

  3. Wasn’t that hard lol? Hmm, I could add the use of the word fuck and beer to mine too. My people are always drinking beer for some reason lol.

  4. 😆 I already mine and posted it on my blog. Hmm… so your characters only drink Miller Light, eh? Are they afraid to gain weight? *lol*

  5. Liquor is a common element, as is stubble, strong female leads, and southern settings. And talking about things of which I have no clue 🙂

  6. Don’t you usually write in first person? Which, to me, is the hardest POV to write in – and you do it SO well!

    I’ve been totally off of reading blogs :uzi: and I feel like a complete and utter :loser:. Your blog looks great, btw!

    Okay, I’m gonna do this but I’ll blog about it tomorrow. 😎

  7. Miks’ right! Nine times out of tne it’ll be in 1st person!

    Linda feel free!!!

  8. Ten elements or words in common?
    That’s a toughy…

    Mature, experienced men.
    Intelligent women with comebacks.
    Lots of night scenes.
    Secrets being kept.
    Dry, hopefully sharp humor.
    Isolated places.
    Paranormal elements, great or small.
    Men of few words but big weapons, or shit-talking men who back up what they say.
    Heroines who are ready for change.

  9. My list was harder than I thought it would be. I love gamma males! And you write them very well! Ty is going to always be a favorite of mine. As for the word fuck, it’s a favorite of mine, whether it’s associated with sex or not. LOL! Like right now, I’m think fuck, I can’t believe I have to be to work in an hour. :yelling:

  10. hmm…
    1. humor
    2. swearing. period.
    3. women with weapons (hey, a paddle counts)
    4. heroines with a mission (in other words they don’t just wind up for the hero’s ‘convenience’ or contrivance
    5. water – love rivers, lakes, bathtubs, oceans
    6. more than 1 generation of same family
    7. something from a movie or a song mentioned somewhere
    8. a smoker – at least one character
    9. food or at least one recipe – one book has recipe headers for each chapter
    10. somebody gets tied up, tied down, trapped somehow

    At least I think that’s what my word/phrase associations would be.


  11. only $5 in the swear jar – I get that daily – but the kids pretty much let it slide now – the DH – not so much….

  12. Sunny that sounds about right! 🙂

    Dennie..and here I am embarrassed over showcasing my potty mouth in front of you?!?! NO MORE MY FRIEND, it’s a SWEAR-A-THON! :kisses: