Sticky Dilemmas 101

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Okay, on to my dilemma…which I’ve debated even blogging about, but I figure if it’s my problem it’s probably been someone elses or will be at some point. My son is on MySpace–and yes I keep an eye on him, I know his password etc. Hell, I’m even his “friend”.

The problem is, one of my son’s friends from school wants to be my friend too. She’s a total sweetie pie and a great kid. But I’m worried about backlash for my son from someone at some point. Cuz you know kids is mean.

8 thoughts on “Sticky Dilemmas 101

  1. I’m not sure I understand where the backlash comes from. If you think that’s going to be a problem, I’d say don’t have her listed as a friend.

  2. yeah but marty aren’t your students a few years older than 14? 😛 Okay I”m teasing….it is an interesting dilemma. I talked to the kid about it but I think it totally went over his head

  3. thanks for making me feel like a bad mom dennie
    No seriously I did talk to the kid about it but I dont think he got it. I’m not sure. He was on IM in his room at the time–KIDDING!!!!!!!:heythere:

  4. I’d try talking to him one more time and find out if it’s okay with him. If he says yes, then go with it – the girl may be lonely and need someone older to talk with. I don’t know – I just remember myself at that age and how alone I felt. If he says no – um, I don’t know, I need a brain to figure this out and I’m without one right now. Sorry.

  5. I second what Bailey said.

    And there’s always the chance that you’ll both have so many friends that nobody will even notice you’re on each other’s friends lists.