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So what do you all think of the writer’ strike out in LaLa Land? Do you think they have a legit beef or no? Shows are already grinding to a halt, with more to follow soon I’m sure.

Yeah Yeah I know…nose to the grind stone and all that 🙂
I”m up 13k and moving along hoping to finish the first draft of this second novella this week. And yes the smileys are still broke for the duration and probably will be until I have time to devote to iinstalling an older version of wordpress.

12 thoughts on “Stalling

  1. I am fully behind the writers. They are paid an abymal FIVE CENTS per DVD sale (and nothing for Internet downloads). The studios get an average NINE DOLLARS against that same DVD sale. I think they can afford to pay the writers the additional THREE CENTS they’re asking for. The studios are greedy bastards.

  2. I said this on another blog, but it bears repeating.

    This strike just proves:

    WE are worth our weight in gold.

    WE don’t just come a dime a dozen.

    WE do matter, and without OUR voices there would be NOTHING.

    No writer, no story.

    It’s as simple as that. Everyone in this business takes us for granted, and now the screenwriters in Hollywood are taking them all to the wood shed. Well good for them! I hope they beat some money out of every last one of those studio execs.

    They’ve taken writers for granted for far too long.

  3. I just want them to pay the people so that I don’t miss my soaps. Without the writers what do you really have? I think we all know the answer to that.

  4. I hope they get what they want. Really, writers (and technitions) gets paid so little compared to the actors and executives. All of them are needed to make things work, it’s just toobad more companies don’t see the team effort.

    Am I naive? LOl

  5. No story+no show. End of story. I think the strike is justified, but I hope it’s resolved quickly because while the writer’s union has a strike fund, all the other people who will end up out of jobs won’t have any $$ coming in at all.

    Speaking of stories, all you authors………write faster!! We readers are going to need even more books to get us through the winter months now that we won’t have new shows. 🙂

  6. Sasha you’re not naive; you just see that we writers have more worth than we’re given credit for–regardless of what venue we write in!

    Laura good point about all those other folks who are going to lose out! I never even thought about it. And we’re writing as fast as we can 🙂

    Karen LOL my DVR would disagree w/you but I’m easily entertained.

  7. I’m all for it. Twenty years without an increase is just insane. It’s like working for a sweat shop. Writers are the heart of entertainment industry and it’s about time the big wigs recognize. In my mind, they’re not asking for much. Some of them just want enough to cover things like medical expenses. They shouldn’t be denied that. 👿

  8. I’m all for it too. What they’re asking for is not a lot and the networks are gonna lose a lot of money as everything grinds to a halt. More money than the measly amounts the writers are asking for and deserve.