22 thoughts on “SQUEEEEEEEEE

  1. :ohmy: SEXAH!!!!!

    Congratulations! That’s totally awesome. Were you panting in excitement?

    Sophisticated Writer linked you as one of her favorites, so I had to stop by and see you!

  2. Thanks Ya’ll!!!

    I’m such a dork that I started to rip open the box, then stopped, pushed all the tape back in place and yelled for the camera!!!!!
    :memememe: :memememe: :memememe:

  3. Yay Amie!!!! :yippee: That cover is so HOT :woot: I’m looking forward to reading your book!!! Too awesome! :yippee:

  4. :yippee::yippee:HooRahh. Now go stroke and fondle them and assure yourself they are real. LOL. No, that’s what (I would do) It’s fantastic. Sooo excited for you.

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  6. :fly: Awesome!!!!!!!!! What a nice treat to find!:notworthy:

    So, now I’m off to work on my errata and Finally Home galley. I’m on page 11 of 923!:yell: