Speaking of Bad

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I’m over at SFC blogging about…BAD SEX!
And over at Naughty and Spice blogging about….blurbs…and showing off my new cover for MUS.

As reported, I managed 19 pages on Saturday. GO ME! A part of me wants to stop and edit, a part of me wants to push on. A part of me wants to work on sixty million other things. My editor wants edits LOL so I’ll be doing that tonight and tomorrow.

Speaking of bad….I really do have a reason to blog besides telling you I’m blogging somewhere else…..People, do your research. I know most of the folks who read this blog are seasoned authors (I assume so from who I see comment) so this is kind of preaching to the choir but you know if you don’t know something ask someone, or Lord GOOGLE IT! Yes I read contest entries this weekend. I had some wonderful entries that weren’t perfect and some perfect entries that weren’t wonderful and I had some entries that left me scratching my head.

I also finished Grisham’s The Appeal(thank you Lynn). While I really liked it a lot, I can’t really blog about it the way I’d like without posting a big-ASS spoiler, so I won’t. 🙂 It was classic Grisham though….for the most part (but the large cast got real confusing real quick). One thing I can blog about is the stark contrast between the two opposing sides–the obscenely rich business owner with his trophy wife, and a child he doesn’t want and the poor, bordering on bankruptcy, trial lawyers who literally gamble everything to do what’s right and how important their family is to them. It was very day and night–and even more interesting after Shanna Swendson’s presentation on world building on Saturday.


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