Sparks a’Flyin

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Or my AI recap…….seemed like not only were there sparks flying with the singers, but between Ryan and Simon (again). Pretty funny stuff.

ok….Phil. I totally didn’t agree with the judges. I thought he sounded weak and I wasn’t impressed. He should have listened to Martina …..

Jordin….DAYUm. What else can I say? DAYUM. She totally had the chill factor. You know Randy was right–when Martina did Broken Wing she did it right. It’s really hard to take a song that was so well done (and fwiw one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite singers) and cover it. Where Phil failed, Jordin kicked ass–totally.

Sanjy–Louder….but flat (unlike his hair). Jesus what else can I say? I read a thing online (apparently a joke) that he was doing Boot Scootin Boogie and I emailed Karin threatening to throw a boot through my TV which btw isn’t even paid for. So that would have been bad. Very bad. Speaking of which…Sanjy–bad hair BAD BAD HAIR! Not only did you mutliate Bonnie Raitt, your hair looked unusually shitty*. Go Home. I have to give him kudos for taking all the criticism he gets everywhere and still smiling but DAYUM. Enough already.

Kiki–loud. Just loud. And I hated her boots.

Chris–he totally had the Rascall Flatts thing going on!!!! πŸ˜€ I could totally see him doing that. Yeah, okay so it was a bit nasally in parts but still WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO (why was the band so loud though?)

Melinda–Great….Fun. What else can I say? She’s a pro and it shows, but as a writer we all know being a pro isn’t all it takes.

Blake….had some pitch problems hitting those high notes. However, I think he did pick a perfect song for him (and one of my fave McGraw songs) in that it wasn’t too country. He did the best he could considering it was so far out of his comfort zone.

Overall a pretty good night. Predictions? Anyone? I say Phil’s going home. And Kiki better watch out.

*FWIW if I wear my hair curly and put a bandana on, my hair looks like just like Sanjy’s– :-O

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