SOL and WordPress

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Er that should be AOL and WordPress.  Is there anyone else out there, besides Raine, who has trouble with WordPress and their AOL?

12 thoughts on “SOL and WordPress

  1. Sometimes I can’t comment on people’s WordPress blogs if I go through AOL, but if this comment goes through, then it worked here cuz I’m on AOL right now…….

  2. Suzanne it worked but you got caught in moderation–thanks! Um do you use firefox or the aol browser or IE when you blog?

  3. I got a quick window to sneak a comment through…

    It doesn’t happen all the time, Ames and Suzanne.
    Just weird! 😛

  4. Raine i sent you replies. I hope they went through!

    honey I don’t wonder if it’s your AOL connection and being on dialup :poof:

  5. Sunny I’d make some nasty joke about AOL but it’s doing it to her from work’s govn’t high speed connection too. :bleep: