So You Don’t Want to be a Writer?!

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I’m blogging at SFC today on how NOT to write a book. I’ll admit some of the stuff I listed were pet peeves but….feel free to weigh in and stuff. More later. I’ve got TONS to do today. Including, writing 🙂

* Oooooooooo ever wondered what my favorite words was? Then stop by the CP Blog and find out (and if you don’t know….tsk tsk)

* Ooooooooo are you bidding? It’s Brenda Novak auction time! Not only are the NAS girls doing it, everyone’s DOING IT! *ggg* I’ve donated a critique, a T-shirt and autographed copy of Nailed and some MORE stuff with our RWA chapter which looks to be a one day auction.

* Page proofs are done, faxed, and going in the mail (and groceries must be bought and errands run). We’re totally having frozen pizza for dinner!


* I’m blogging today at NAS about Ropers Rule and writing shorts.

* And Denise is blogging about Fear over at SFC

* Groceries were bought, children were fed LOL Ohhhhhh and now I get to fix my smilies!

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