So Funny I Had to Blog It

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*NO I haven’t found the cord to the camera!

I should make a Thursday Thirteen out of this…so help me Gawd……

Anyway so I open my Myspace acct (I FOUND AN OLD FRIEND!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!) but anyway I got this email from this man. His name is PAUL STEVE (yeah that’s your REAL name) and he’s from Lima, Ohio (that’s why his profile says New Mexico) and I’m the LOVE OF HIS LIFE!

Check it out….

hello precious queen of my heart
i was just going thru som profile while i saw ur i are so lovely look intelligent and caring lover.

(I have a 4th Grade education and my real name is Jim Bob Billy the Sixth)

i love to be among u intellegence women who love a man a woman that will be honest to me a woman that can say i love u paul i will stay with u for the rest oof my life .

(Paul, I’m divorcing you and taking everything! Dude…HELLOOOOOO….I’d never pledge the rest of my life to ANYONE I didn’t give birth too and even that is questionable)

i am paul steve a single male 35 years of age i live in lima ohio. i love staying and i am a traveller cos of the nature of my bussiness.

i love playing with my pets i love hockey, basket ball ,base ball, horse riding,dancing going to party, and love to go for swimming every weekend and love to go out with my friends .. so i am looking for a woman to settle down with.

(English is not my first language. Can I have your bank account number so you can hold some money for me? Do we even want to KNOW what kind of pets he has?)

and i have found that woman i have been searching for a long time
you are onewoman that i cherish and loved all my life ,merely looking at you i knew you are the one i love in a million man in this world i have seen many men who want me to date them but i have no love for them and i have turn my back on them.

when i saw you i saw love when i sent you this email i just sent my heart and soul to the woman i love and cherish and that sweet pumpkin is you.
u are my sweet pinkly and my only woman in a million red stars u might not really know me but i am willing to know you since i saw you i fell in love with you cos u are real cute ,loving and caring and i will like to know you better and more about you and i will love to talk to you in my instant messnger my yahoo id is jean_ashley10v and my email is u can send a mail to me there and i will get it i will be awating your ultimate response
lot of smiles and hugs

(Now, I am sure that there are women dumb enough to fall for this…let’s call it what it is…SHIT, but I’m truly insulted he thinks I’m one of them.)

Please….everyone…feel free to email Sean Paul my terrorist lover from the back woods of Afghanastan and tell him he’s the love of YOUR life.

5 thoughts on “So Funny I Had to Blog It

  1. All I can say to that is…. :wtf: Someone needs to :uzi: that guy,

    I swear there should be something that screens peoples literacy and common sense level before they can build a page or surf MySpace!

    The big :loser:

    I’d email him, but that’s probably the kind of thing he wants to happen. He’s probably a serial killer looking for anything that will give him an excuse to… whatever. CREEPY

  2. why in the hell would someone go to the trouble of doing all that and I feel for the poor poor schmuck who would respond . . .