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I have a busy week though happily I’m whizzing through (not ON) my to-do list! SO I probably won’t be around much but first…

Astrology for Writers, Editors and Filmmakers a look at 2006:

Leo: Partners are not what they seem to be. By ’06’s end, you’ll have that wool over your eyes removed about a few people, but it is all to the good, since you need to know where you stand. Hard work still pays off, and you’ll have plenty of that. If you are an Editor, your company could be bought, and then the desk shuffle may begin. Keep feelers out.

Are you saying I should ditch the kids? :hideme: Cuz I don’t have any other partners LOL
Unless maybe she’s talking about this one….(from today’s giggle-scope)

Making a new friend is always a great feeling. Right now, someone comes along who could be part of your life forever. They may look, act or seem unusual, so make sure you keep an open mind.

You say ‘unusual’ like it’s a bad thing! :ohmy:

14 thoughts on “Snowed

  1. Apparently, I am no longer in control of 2006. In fact, other people are guiding my career. *g* And this is different…HOW?:wtf::lol:

  2. Mine was GOOD–which is very unusual! And kinda scary. :poof:
    And hey–as long as the hard work PAYS OFF, that’s ok! 🙂

  3. I’ll be the ‘unusual’ in our friendship, Cece, if you’ll be the ‘good’ – lol. I think we’re both screwed if either of us tries to be good, though, so we’ll just have to settle for being hard-working.8-) VERY glad I’ve had the pleasure to meet you in person and share the hugs & hits of writing online. Best in 2006!

  4. Dennie-nope LOL unless you count the new mom at basketball.

    Tanya…I like to at least read mine.

    Jordan 😆

    AMy I’ve worked harder in the last week than I probalby have all of December but almost half of my January to-do list is done.

    Kacey welcome back! WE missed you. Yeah, like we need something else to work hard on (diryt house anyone?)

    Sasha I sure wish it’d start paying bigger dividends. I need new floors. And I wasn’t talking about carting the kids to basketball practice in reference to hard work. Where’s the justice :yelling:

    Raine I’m counting on yours paying off.

    Sunny I”m only good when I’m very bad :ohmy: but you’re on doll! The only way I’m going to Nationals is if I win the overall for the RTT :poof:

    Oh, God. time for basketball.