Singer-Songwriters Part 2

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I was driving the boys to school yesterday morning and I handed my sons my cd case. #1 says there’s nothing he wants to listen to but #2 pulls out a Deryl Dodd CD and hands it to me.
Funny side note: I pulled up his website and Deryl is performing here tonight. I can’t go–no sitter, kids, basketball, and what have you.

So, from that, I got the weird and wacky idea to talk about singer-songwriters. Go figure 🙄

Who is Deryl Dodd? Well, if you’ve ever heard the song “She’ll Have You Back” performed by Tim McGraw (which Deryl co-write) then you’ve heard his work.

And even though he didn’t write the song, “That’s How I Got to Memphis” (Tom T. Hall) made me a fan. As did “One Ride in Vegas” (Deryl Dodd and Brett Beavers). After a long hiatus (and a bout of viral encephalitis) Deryl released Pearl Snaps–to my Joy:cool: ). Who can’t love a song about “easy open access” 😆 but seriously, the CD is filled with great stuff.

Deryl had this to say about his split with Sony and his decission to immerse himself in the Texas music scene*: (which is uniquely….Texan–and a whole ‘nother post.)

“It was very hard and humbling but also very good, because I was the one calling the shots. We went anyplace that would have us, playing for food, motel rooms and gas money. But I was happy to have that problem, because after what I’d been through, it didn’t seem like a problem at all – it was just life. And it made me see that I really did want it, and why I do it – it’s about the music. That continued my healing process, because I was happy, and when you’re happy it helps you to heal.”

Hmmmmm sounds eerily familar. I suppose, sometimes you’ve got to figure out where you’ve been before you know where you’re going. And like in writing, life experiences infuse your songs with that little something extra. Whatever it is, Deryl has it in spades.

So what’s so special about Deryl? Besides the fact he’s great in concernt and nice as pie, he’s a hell of a singer-songwriter. If you like old fashioned, polish your buckle honky tonk music, you should definitely check him out. 😉

* from Deryls’ Bio

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