Singer Songwriters Part 1

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This will probably carry over to the dancehall website since I’ve still got to write a piece on “why music” over there.

I love music, all kinds (except opera–sorry Jordan), always have, and this is nothing against singers who don’t write their own songs. After all, if they did, then songwriters would be out of work.

But there’s something special about a singer-songwriter that reminds me a lot of writers. There’s a piece of themself, a true sincerity, an honesty in their songs. I suppose they write from experience much the way we pick up ideas and interesting tidbits here and there that carries over into our writing. I suppose it’s really nothing more than the creative person curious about a creative process, but it dictates a lot of what I listen to.

One of my least favorite (oh Holly is going to LOVE this) would be Toby Keith (for reasons that have nothing to do with songwriting), but I have to give the man his due. Who of us hasn’t known SOMEONE who only wanted to talk about themselves–that song doesn’t just apply to men and women but people in general. Who of us hasn’t thought “How do you like me now?” or wanted to go back to our high school reunion much better than when we graudated (btw I’ve never been to a HS reunion).

From a writer’s standpoint I can’t help but study a song and wonder what the songwriter was thinking–whether it be Eminem’s “Cleanin out my Closet” and who can’t relate to a song about skeletons in their closet. We all have them. Or Sheryl Crow singing “My Favorite Mistake”. Who of us hasn’t had a favorite mistake?
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I googled how to write a song and found this.

This particular line jumped out at me.

Once you are well into it, a song tends to dictate where it wants to go – your job is to keep it on course.

Hmmmmmm sound familiar?

5 thoughts on “Singer Songwriters Part 1

  1. :razz::razz::razz::razz:
    Hey CeCe…WHO’S YOUR DADDY? 😛
    I just like the man. I think Allan Jackson is an excellent story teller but I don’t have any of his CDs. I can not stand Brooks & Dunn. I like their music but to me they are pompass. But that’s my opinion.

  2. Should’ve Been a Cowboy! 😆

    Well, I for one, ADORE Toby Keith! I just love the man! He is so down to earth, just so REDNECK! And he’s HOT!! What’s not to like?! He does an awesome concert (I’ve been to two) and his music is so original, it’s just “him”. Have also seen a few interviews with him on TV and let me tell you, he is one patriotic guy! At his last concert, he was CRYING when sang for the soldiers…and they just loved him! There was a big group of them and they had signs saying “We Support Toby Keith”…it made me cry!

    Okay, done putting my two sense in! 😉

  3. Like I said, Kel, as a song-writer and a hard-working person, I have to give him his due.

    Same for Brooks and Dunn whether I care for them or their music…To each his own and all that jazz.

    But this isn’t about who I like and why, it’s about songwriters and the creative process. 🙂

    Jordan…I stand corrected 😀

  4. The similarities between the writing biz and the music biz (and any other creative biz) are staggering. My husband is in the music biz, and we were comparing notes the other night (i.e. small publishers v. independant labels).

    Oh, and I like Toby, too, although I’m still a rocker girl at heart. 😆