Shut Up Already!

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Kate says:

I’ve spent a lot of my life believing that other people will do the fighting and I could remain happily….not indifferent… but not activist. It’s startling to see how wrong that is. On the other hand, I’m teetering close to the crazy edge of magical thinking (that I can control the world with my thoughts). That’s supposed to end at about age seven, right?

I have made it a huge point to avoid the news for years (but esp the last three or four years) *ahem* because what I saw was a corrupt government that wasn’t changing and I knew that at some point the train that is our country was going to wreck. Guess what? I hate to keep ragging about government ineptness right now, but my fear is that three and six months down the road, people will forget. Guess what? At the rate we’re going, we’ll hop right over a recession and just skip to the good stuff.

If I shut up about governmental inneptness, will you forget? Or will you just breathe a big sigh of relief because I finaly shut up? I’m not an activist. I tried the activist bit once. After five years I just flat out burnt out. An adoptees rights to open records is still something I believe in but as long as our president has any power, Texas will not have open records (Bush is vehemently against open records). If Texas, one of the largest states in the union can’t secure open records for ADULT adoptees, what makes me think that those who are truly responsible for the post-Katrina disaster will be held accountable? I would be shocked if they were. But the idealist in me hopes you don’t forget. :heythere:

6 thoughts on “Shut Up Already!

  1. Cece- Accountability is just not in the vocabulary of the administration or legislature unless it involves a private sex scandal. Living in Massachusetts I get the feeling that Democrats are fat, stupid, and corrupt. From national events I believe the Republicans are vengeful, mean, and corrupt. Bush Senior, Clinton, and Carter have demonstrated that underneath the political exterior are decent human beings. They just seem to lose site of their humanity under the influence of the Party machines. The exception is Trent Lott. I don’t think there is a scrap of decency anywhere inside him.

    What we can count on is the generosity of individuals. We step up to the plate with our hard earned cash after the tax money we pay has been squandered away on Bullshit and Bullshit artists.

    Over the past few days I have been participating in the discussion forums on the news sites at, Yahoo, CNN, and others and there are still a significant and vocal group of citizens that blindly defend the administration and legislature. Their mantra is “Republicans good .. Democrats bad”. The will not ask for accountablility, but will seek blame in the other party. The PR spin doctors in Washington have done a good job. Little will change. We have to rely on our goodness and compassion as individuals to get us through this. –Gregg

  2. I fear that people will ‘forget’ and move on whether you continue posting your opinions or not, Cece.
    I’m not an activist either (although I’m amazed by the number of authors who ARE becoming passionate about this). But I AM very opinionated. Don’t generally feel the need to EXPRESS them to everyone, but this last fiasco has done the job.

    Many camps involved in this.
    There’s the ‘republicans good, democrats bad’ camp, and vice versa.
    There’s the ‘if you’re an American, you stand by the President & legislators WHATEVER happens’.
    There’s the ‘it’s all in God’s hands’ camp.
    There’s the ‘I have my own problems’ camp.
    And many, many more.

    I don’t think I’m trying to demonize anyone. We’re all human, life is a learning experience.
    But don’t belong to a ‘camp’ simply because somebody told you you should, or your parents/husband/friends do, or because it’s an easy way out.
    What a difference it would make to the world if people would think for THEMSELVES. Watch, listen, find out what’s going on, and make your OWN decisions.
    ANYTHING can be justified. I’m NOT making a comparison of ideologies here–but even HITLER thought he was doing the right thing.
    You may not change the world–but you’ll change YOUR world.

  3. -Raine I think you may have missed my point, my fault for not being clear. Demonizing the other camp is not the issue. It’s blindly following without QUESTION preventing accountability or cause.

    I don’t believe that THINKING is the answer. As you said even Hitler THOUGHT he was right. The answer is QUESTIONING. Skepticism is good. It keeps people on their toes and makes them justify their position. If forces the free flow of information and battles obfuscation.

    We are currently in an administration that withholds information and practices obfuscation. People blindly believe the information that is released (weapons of mass destruction, al quaeda links to Iraq, the devistation in New Orleans is the solely govenor’s fault) It is this blind belief in dogma that enabled the rise of Hitler, Stalin, and others.

    I truly believe that there are no longer two political party camps in the US. It is no longer Democrat versus Republican. The perpetuation of this myth is part of the rallying call for the current administration. (It really works well. Even your visceral response was that “Gregg must be a Democrate and is demonizing the Republicans.” In reality, I am not a Democrat and I believe the State of Louisiana really screwed themselves over. 🙂

    I strongly believe the country is broken into two main groups. Those that believe without question and those who question everything, try to identify the issues, and resolve them.

    So back to my original point, there can be no accountability. Those those that believe will not qustion. Those that do question will be demonized as being part ofthe Democrat agenda.

    What I want right now is a voice other than Ted Kennedy who will stand up and say. I question the decisions of the federal government, not because I am affilited with a party, but because I am an American and I believe it is my right to question my governments decisions and the objectivity of the information they provide me. –Gregg

  4. I agree with both of you, so there 😛
    We do have to rely on basic human decency and compassion and more importantly, we have to THINK! that’s why God gave us brains. :pimpn: