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I’m almost afraid to say this out loud but the wip is going swimmingly–or sluttishly if you will. *grin*

Whew–gotta whip er wipe the steam from my glasses!I got my ten pages today…then Charlene started twittering about hot carb porn–if you don’t get that let’s just say it involved yeast, flour and a breadstone. K, so anyway…i decided that since SOMEONE sent me a gift card for Christmas, I’d just use it to buy my OWN breadstone so I could have hot carb porn at my house. While I was there, I ordered two books. I figured why not just use th whole gift card. *sigh*

Why is this a problem? Well, see, the other night when I went out with Lynn, I had to wait a while so I waited at Barnes and Noble where I bought two books.

Which isn’t so bad except….I just ordered 8 books from them the other day.

This is a problem, because that’s 12 books and last year I only read like 24. *gulp*

3 thoughts on “Shameful!

  1. Yes, but you’ll have a baking stone. You may find yourself on a reading spree when you embrace the hot carb porn!