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TXU Energy Rate Hike–communists
Mommy’s My Bitch — I got your bitch honey
Back Porch Sex — Fewer risks of getting caught then Front Porch Sex
Cece’s Cuisine — My kids would disagree.
Amie Games — Oh look! I’m a game!
Slutty married Women bitchy–if she’s a married slut I doubt she’s bitchy, except to her husband who probably isn’t getting any.
Baron Samedi Phalic ERotic — And cute too!
Author of Dear Dogs and Cats — not I but I can relate.
Powered by WordPress VIagra — so that’s what they put in the little blue pill!!!!!
Recipe for Chicken Encihillada Casserole — Yummity Scrummity. Sounds good!
Big Mouth Women — Yeah and what’s your point?
Authors Behaving Badly — Not here :flirt:
Amie Games — Look I’m a game again!
How to Draw Amie — Curves lots of curves
Amnesiatic — Hmmmmm as in Amnesiatic slutty married women?
Sex with a Wearwolf–can’t help you there dude.
Blue Moon Erotic Fiction — try HERE
Liarissa BLog — she’s a quiet blogger lately
Cat Got Laid Story — My cat never tells me stories about getting laid
Big Booty — Obviously you landed in the wrong place
Alisa Valdes and Divorce–yes it’s true her and her main man broke up.
Dennie Hall Tattoo — I keep trying to talk her into hitting the tattoo parlor with me but she weenies out
Cece Big Lots — we’re not related
Violent — *backing away slowly*
Putt Sex — Sex at Putt Putt?
Amie a Angel — awwwwwwww so sweet of you to say so!
femail dog fucking– anyone want to take a stab at what’s wrong with that phrase?
Blood Vessel on Penis — it has to get hard somehow
Pollie Nasty Angels–not sure I want to touch this one
Lynda Carter Pantyhose — try Ebay.

dont date him — Wish I’d thought of that

back porch ideas — like sex maybe? 🙂

jill monroe wrestling — what she’s really doing when she say’s she’s doing girlscout lockins.

5 thoughts on “Search Word Jumble

  1. LOL hey Emma!! The cat’s sitll getting more than me. Research is going good and your friend has helped tons!

    Raine *sigh* i’m such a bad girl