Say Hello To My Little Friend

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Or in which I prattle on about why my arms hurt–finally. And no, Jaq, it has nothing to do with a toy called D πŸ˜›

I got my tax refund last week. Now I’ve had my eye on a new toy for quite some time. I’ve actually been drooling over it, salivating mind you, waiting for the day I could plunk down my hard earned money and take it home, rip it out of the box, and play with it to my heart’s content. I even went by the store a couple weeks ago to see it in person and make sure it was the one I really truly wanted. I must say it was love at first sight. I dreamed about it night and day, waiting patiently for the time I could claim it as my very own.

There was of course a problem or two–most notably, there was no way it would fit under my bed. I’d just have to store it in the garage…and of course the boys would want to use it, no matter how often I said, “Don’t touch Mommy’s toys!”

Say hello to the Hedge Hog, 20 inches of double-sided cutting power trimmer. It even comes with a warranty!

I think I’m in love……..

Look out Tim Taylor, next up is an electric chain saw! :woot:

11 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Friend

  1. 20″ ? wow. I prefer thickness, m’self. :woot:

    (C’mon, didja really think it would be so easy to shut me up?)

  2. We know about a man and his tools – but what about a woman? 😎

    I had a sneaky suspicion about this one – something about hedges.

  3. Jaq, that’s almost an exact quote from my latest heroine! :zipit:

    (Love the title of this post btw, Ames–lol!)

  4. Raine that is does, especially when you go after those really thick branches *sticking tongue out at jaq*

    Eve was I bitching to you about hedges on the phone? :uzi:

    LOL Jordan so can I but it’s the *ahem* (not so) little things that keep us going.

    Marty everyone needs a date with the hedge trimmer :kiss:

    Amy….Dennie GOTCHA!!

    Hollie you’re welcome anytime, power tools or not!