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Has moved here…for today. I know I mentioned yesterday that Ali had won The Biggest Loser this season, and since she’s the ali.jpgfirst woman, and most of US are women, I thought it might make a good blog topic for this week. Ali started TBL at 234 pounds.

April 16: Ali Vincent, who shed 112 pounds to become the first-ever female winner of weight-loss competition “The Biggest Loser,”

For those of you how haven’t ever watched the show, teams of women and men (in this case couples ranging from best friends to perfect strangers) work like dogs to lose lots of weight. This year was interesting in that they seemed to have more younger people on-folks in their early to mid-twenties and I remember PC Cast saying at the DARA conference during her workshop (what we all already know) that our kids are the most overweight kids EVER. E-VER! In the past it’s always seemed like the mid-30 housewives and dads….not those 20-somethings (and I’ll admit I’ve got a child whose weight I worry about A LOT).

So anyway, one of the reasons I watch is because it’s inspiring. And sometimes you need inspiration to keep going. You need to see that average people CAN lose weight, (granted in a commando style setting with trainers and lots of help with stuff like…oh FOOD), but they’re average joes and jills who have fought all the same struggles we’ve fought with our weight and dealt with a lot of the same health issues we’ve dealt with losing weight with good old fashioned sweat (and a helping hand). And a lot of it goes into believing that you can…

From Emaxhealth:

Here I wanted to write a little about goals and mindset. Kelly and Ali both worked incredibly hard. They were both underdogs in many ways. They both REALLY wanted the win the Biggest Loser. Both of them had a single minded obsession with being the first girl biggest loser. At the end of the day though I think one thing made Ali rise above Kelly. I suppose we could say that Kelly had a back problem and it held her back. That may or may not be true. However, Ali binged on frozen yogurt so they both had their setbacks and problems.

What made the difference, IMO was mindset. Kelly wanted it badly. She always said: “I really want to be the first girl biggest loser.” “I have a shot at being the first girl biggest loser,” but she never fully claimed it as hers.

About midway through the season Ali Vincent stood up and said to a room full of her competitors, “I’m going to be the biggest loser.”

Do you watch? Does it inspire you? If not, what does? And how do you keep your mindset? How do you keep pushing forward through the deadlines that mean lots of sitting, PMS that makes you want to binge, hectic kid’s schedules etc etc ad nauseum?

6 thoughts on “Sasha’s Slim Camp–Inspiration

  1. I used to watch the biggest loser and I can say it makes you want to get up and exercise.

    You know I can’t think of one particular thing that inspires. I usually get what I need for right that moment to get me going. It can be reading a good book, watching a great movie (I saw Stardust last night LOVED IT). And sometimes it can be cleaning my house. I get a sense of peace and at those times I feel like I can conquer anything.

  2. I’ve been fighting the battle of the bulge A LOT here lately (lost 30 lbs last year, gained it all back, same ol’ same ol’…) My main problem is adding exercise to my life; I can diet all day long, but God forbid I attempt to move my fat ass! One thing that’s really been helping me is a book I read called Secrets of a Former Fat Girl. One of her tenets is something she refers to as INO- It’s Not an Option. So that’s what I tell myself when I don’t want to exercise. It’s really helped, and I’ve managed to do some form of workout every day for the past two weeks! Baby steps!

  3. I watch, as you know, and I find it very inspiring. (in a couple of ways) I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Ali won. Not just because she is the first female Biggest Loser, but because like your quote says, it was her mindset that won it for her. I’m a huge believer in if you want it, get it. You can do whatever you want, have whatever you want, IF you’re willing to work for it,.

    Great post Ames!!!

  4. I did watch the last one because of the fact that a woman had a chance to win…that being said when it first came on I started watching until they kicked the first person off the show. I have to say; that really pissed me off. I thought that’s really great for someones moral, most overweight people (myself included) have issues and their like let’s just tell them their losers! Brilliant! Whatever sells, I think everyone should be given a fair chance.

  5. Scarlet…I agree. Seeing someone go home after that first week is tough! The upside is most of them seemed to really rise to the occasion!

    Sasha I agree about her mindset! And I really need to work on mine. I think I might steal the mantra Rachel posted above *ggg*

    Rachel I”m gonna have to check that out…Exercise is a biggie for me too, unfortunately the deadline INO and has to come first *sigh*

  6. Melissa….I hate to clean but cleaning is very Zen for me. I’m sure other writers would agree *ggg* Also sitting in my back yard. There’s lots of trees and birds and squirrels–very soothing.