Revenge of the Possums

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So anyone remember the Great Possum Wars of 2004?

Seems that no matter what I do I just can’t escape the ugly little critters, though thanks to Raine at least now I know that they’re bark…er hiss is much worse than their bite. According to my son they don’t carry rabies–my neighbor begs to disagree. Why do you ask were my neighbor and I discussing possums?

Because I found this in my garage this morning!

And being sillier than the average harried woman who woke up an hour early, is dragging ass and really needs to get her kids to school so she can ingest MORE caffeine on her way to work, I remembered that I had my digital camera in my tote bag. After taking 2 photos, moving the boxes and beating on the (empty) litter box with a shower curtain rod, I decided I’d take another photo……..

27 thoughts on “Revenge of the Possums

  1. Damnit he is kinda cute in that second picture but Raine…Sasha there is NO ROOM AT THE INN!!!!!!! :uzi:

  2. Dennie PS neighbor said the other neighbor had a mama possum living under her hot tub (sauna? can’t remember which)

  3. We have possums too. Mom feeds feral cats and the possums come up to eat the food too. The ferals just sit and watch them. I’ve been outside smoking a cigarette at night and have one just waddle right by me on the way to the backyard. They are cute and, so far, harmless. Mine run if I walk towards them – but it does take them a few moments to see you. They are nocturnal and don’t see very well in the light.

  4. That is just cool. I’ve got them wild at my place, but they don’t come closer than about fifty feet from the house.

    Cute pictures.

  5. I only see them flattened around here. But at least I know they’re out there. For years I thought no oppossums up here in the north!?? Silly place without them.

    THey may plague you, but I’ve always liked those critters. I mean, just look at that cute little pink nose. (And then there’s that naked pink tail, too. Ergh)

  6. >>Looks like he found room.

    ha ha NOOOOOO GO AWAY 😐
    Just saw another (or the same one) traipsing through the back yard. what were the cats doing? WATCHING! 😐

    Emma…it’s as big as my girl cat and she’s about 6 pounds. Ham is 12.

    Mark You’re not missing much hon. At least this one isn’t falling down my pipes and agrivating me!

    Kate…they’re not near as cute in person!

    IT”S NOT CUTE YA’LL!!!!!!!!
    IT”S NOT! I want it GONE! :crazy:

  7. Hi, I am a friend of Sela Carsen and thoguht I’d check out some of her friend’s blogs. Hope you don’t mind.
    I have worked in Animal Control for three years and have had to deal with more oppossums than I care to remember. I just wanted you to know that they can carry rabies just as easily as racoons, skunks, ferral cats…that doesn’t mean that they all do. But they certainly can if they are infected by another animal. Just thought you might like to know. Have a nice day.

  8. Ok, look–I don’t care what ANYBODY says, you can’t look at that second picture & say the critter ain’t cute. HE IS CUTE! :kiss:

    As for the cats…well, honestly Ames, if I saw something that resembled the mice I was used to tormenting, but it was THAT BIG, I guess I’d sit back & watch too! Maybe offer it a beer…get the hell outta the way… 😯

  9. Shreik! Thanks for stopping by and the head’s up.

    Maybe offer it a beer

    LOL Raine!!!!!! Hell the only cat bigger than it is Ham (mr 12 pounds)

    as long as they aren’t in it

    BWAAAAAAAAAAAA Ya’ll are kiling me.

    Amy, my friend, my pal, my buddy who dislikes opossums as much as I do! THank you. See I told ya’ll they weren’t cute!

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