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First off, this morning I put on a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in like 2 years. So that size 14 ass may be a long way off but it IS in sight! Sizes are funny things, so much depends on how something is cut (note to self START EXERCISING). At the rate I’m going, I should be down about another 20 pounds by Nationals!!!! Believe me, it’s super-scary to put that out there. But that’s two more sizes, which is pretty scary too.

Why is it every time I have kids and plan on doing yardwork (like WITH their help), it rains. I realize it’s the rainy season here, but dayum! I really really need to clean my gutters (like there’s weeds growing in them) and I’m DYING to get some planting done. Somehow that just sounded WRONG. I’ve about given up on ever getting my house done *sigh*. Every time I think I’ve got a handle on something, something else breaks. Last night it was one of my recessed light fixtures which is currently being held closed with a thumbtack.  One of the local bedroom stores had mattresses for sale for 99.00 per piece (that’s per mattress and box spring). I’m SO tempted to just go buy myself a new bed, which I really need, but…but…but…I think I’m just gonna have to hang tough until #1’s braces are all paid off *gulp*
Last but not least, Jordan posted about her safety net, those folks who hold her up and help her keep plugging along in what is undoubtedly a very crazy business.  We all have them.  I know I couldn’t handle this business without my CP’s and writer friends, but I’m gonna talk about someone I admire for a minute because I think she’s just a damned cool person.

She’s worked hard and she’s put a lot of her writing self out there for the rest of us to see.  We all know how much hard work and heartache goes into writing and she’s always been pretty frank about her internal struggles and finding her writing groove.  I’m sure there’s much more to her writing journey than what we’ve seen but through it all, even when I’m sure she’s gotten frustrated as hell, she always emanates a Zen-like calm that makes me wish I was more like her.

3 thoughts on “Random Ramble

  1. wahoo on putting on the old jeans! I actually have a pair in my closet from before my final pregnancy… a lovely size 8 that i pull out and hug and cry over every once in awhile. Them days of fitting in those jeans are way behind me. No pun intended.

  2. Eva I’m totally pumped! It really helps keep me going :yippee:

    Rhian LOL@ the no pun intended but I can relate. Hell I’ve never even been a size 8 😉