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Finished Kelley Armstrong’s The Awakening.  I liked it but it kinda felt like a filler book–lots of running around and one of the secondary characters needs her ass kicked 😀 .  Would have liked a bit more explanation but never fear, I’ll be patiently waiting for the third book 😀 (PS Loved the ref to the werewolves of Kelley’s other series)

Celtics WTF?

Brief AI recap:

Adam–so you’re good.  So what.  You just don’t do much for me.  (Sorry Karen).  If you were a character in a book, I’d have set the book down by now.

Allison–I love you. That is all.

Duet–I really liked it even if it was rough in spots. *squee for classic rock*

Kris–I love you. That is all.  I had a feeling this was going to be a tough week for you, but I think you picked a song that suited you.

Danny–WTF? My ears are filing a police report. Taking risks is one thing, shooting yourself in the foot quite another.  Sorry dude.

Second Duet–Full of awesome even if Adam was in it. Sorry ya’ll.

Who is going home? Based on last night, I’d guess Danny.  DialIdol says Allison–I hope not.

And Slash? FULL OF WIN!


I think I need more protein–not tired but energy level is REALLY low and I’m struggling to get enough calories.  It’s a downside of the new meds and I’m just going to have to find a work-around because for a borderline diabetic this isn’t good.  So I’m off to get some protein shakes this afternoon and get a script filled.  Otherwise, going to spend about an hour on a cleaning project (probably the dining room) and another hour writing, then it’s off to take #2 son to doctor for six month ADHD recheck.  The last six months have only confirmed my decision to medicate him.  His school work has improved, his attitude has improved, he’s matured (but hey he’s still a 13 YO boy!) and he’s dropped damn near 30 pounds and 5 inches on his waist (which honestly, he needed to do. I love him but I worried about his weight. The doc said it’s not unusual for ADHD children to be overweight).

Medicating him hasn’t been some magic pill that made his world all right, or made him “easier to deal with” or any of that, the medication enabled him to do the things he knows he was capable of doing.  And success has been wonderful for his self-confidence.  Sadly, other family members don’t feel the same, but I’m his mother and he lives with me so I’m the one who sees the day-to-day.  And I’m the one who sees, TRULY sees, how much happier he is.

Gearing up for a book signing this weekend and hopefully some writing.

Rain… you can leave now. A week is enuf.  Kthxbye.

4 thoughts on “Rambly Chatter

  1. Ames, hubby doesn’t care for Adam either. I tell him to leave the room when he sings. Last night I figured Kris would be the one to hit the road. But after further pondering, it could be Danny and maybe Allison. I just know it won’t be Adam. And if by some weird twist it is? Well, he certainly won’t languish anywhere.

  2. As much as I’d HATE to see Allison go home, I know it wouldn’t be the end of the road for her. She’s too good!

  3. It’s a tough decision to be faced with, but sometimes medication really is the answer. So glad your kid’s doing so well! And get some protein, you. I’m making turkey tacos as I type.