Proving TV Isn’t a Waste of Time

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I know I asked this like last week or two weeks ago, but I’m going to ask again.  Is anyone watching The Riches?

For those of you who aren’t it’s about a family of Irish Travelers who take on the identity of a couple they accidentally kill. Now, initially I thought it was a comedy.  It’s not, but it is funny in a very sly way and the wriing….well.  The Riches have never lived any other life besides one on the road, in their RV, scamming people, which IS hysterical to see.

But here’s the interesting thing…. they’ve never lived a life as a Buffer (I think that’s what non-travelers are called) and they view them as–what’s the word I want–boringly normal, straight if you will, unexciting, staid and maybe even stupid.  Stupid enough to get scammed, but you see every week how they learn their perception of Buffers is all wrong, how Buffers aren’t so very different from them and it’s FASCINATING characterization–from the old woman across the way who shares her pills with Minnie Driver to Doug’s boss, they asshole tycoon from hell.

This week, Minnie asks the old woman, “Do you think taking these pills makes us…addicts?” (I’m writing this from memory so cut me a bit of slack).

And the old woman says, no because they’re a prescription!  And that everyone needs something to get by.  While she says this she gets out some pot and her and Minnie share a joint, which is just hiliarious!  Then she regales Minnie with an accounting of all her neighbor’s vices–which is also hilarious–and you can linterally SEE the truth sinking in for Minnie’s character, Dalhia.  Even so she’s still not 100% sold on the idea that Buffers are okay, so she’s got a lot of growing to do.  My point being, the characterization and writing are AMAZING.  But then, I have similiar feelings about DIRT and NIP TUCK–in all three shows they take what could be viewed as unredeamable characters and make them likeable…or at the least, fascinating.

In other news I was a bit disappointed in the season finale of Prison Break–it was a bit anti-climactic.  And I have no coment on American Idol 🙁

3 thoughts on “Proving TV Isn’t a Waste of Time

  1. I am so dying to watch The Riches. I missed the first couple of episodes, and I hate coming into the middle of a series . . . so I’m waiting for it to go into reruns from the beginning.

    You are NOT helping me stick to my resolution to stay away until that happens.:bleep:

    Sounds like I’ve got much to look forward to!

  2. LInda You really do! I hope you like it as much as I did. Also just an FYI they repeat all of them on Saturday and Sunday nights :poof: