Prison Break Saved

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Yeah….guess what I did last night!

I’m loving me some TV and I gotta rehash!

Prison Break rocked! I felt so bad for poor LJ…and Mahone just pissed me off (though I have to say the beginning was kinda freaky–didn’t he recognize his own face). Here’s my question though for any other viewers……..LJ’S SCREAMING FRAME UP (yes I realize this is common for someone facing three murder charges) BUT IF MAHONE’S SO FREAKING SMART WHY HASN’T HE CAUGHT ON OR SAID ANYTHING. I MEAN HE WAS SMART ENOUGH TO ORDER DIVERS INTO THE FREAKING RIVER BELOW MICHAEL’S APARTMENT BUT THE FRAME UP THING SLIDES BY. Mahone do you really think this kid killed his parents? (a wee bit irritated)

And Lincoln, my hunk of burning love, could you have been MORE OBVIOUS walking down the street reeking of ESCAPED FELON with no sunglasses, no hat or nothing? WTF? You should have sat your ass in the car! The only thing more obvious than you was TWEENER in the Bus/Train station *shaking head*

I love the fact that Bellick got fired and is gonna hunt the boys down–he’s such a brute like that. 🙂

I love this show–yeah can’t you tell? The writing, if you can suspend a bit of disbelief here and there, is fabulous. It’s got to be the fastest hour on television *sigh* which is a crying shame cuz the eye candy per scene can’t be beat. Sucre, my love

So anyone check out Vanished? I’m totally creeped out and loving the conspiracies! I’m guessing, it’s sorta The Davinci Code meets Law and Order.  And who is that FBI agent?  He’s cute!
Saved….rocked.  Nuf said.  That whole thing with Wyatt and his dad at the end last night-wow. I’m wavering between disbelief that his dad didn’t rag him and wondering if it was too good to be true. At the same time I love the fact his dad totally played him to get the ins. co to settle.  Too mcuh character growth from dad for one season?  Cuz I don’t see where Wyatt’s changed a bit!  Larissa where are you?

11 thoughts on “Prison Break Saved

  1. I’m bummed that Psych ended. 🙁 I know the fall season is starting up again, but I was kind of digging the mid-season replacements more.

  2. They’re already ending Pysch?? The kids are gonna flip! You’re not alone as far as digging mid-season replacements –they rocked out! :yippee:

  3. Can’t wait to watch Vanished. Think I’m going to watch tonight. Finally a new season of shows is begining. Not only have we had a weather drought, we’ve had a tv one too this summer.

  4. Prison Break is defintiely a must watch. As much as I agree about Lincoln walking down the street like that, I have tosay, Damn he looked HOT. That was the best part ofthe show. LOL

    And I agree about the FBI Guy and LJ. Come on, figure it out already! However, they need to keep the ssuspence up all season, so that might explain why the guy is slow onthe uptake. LOL

  5. Stupid Trish got me stupid started on this stupid show and I’m HOOKED! I’m on disc 5 of the first season. And yet I can’t figure out what I love about it, since I cover my eyes every time they go into the tunnel.

    And yeah, baby. Sucre!

  6. I have yet to catch the show. I think I’m going to order the first season box set because I hear such great things about it.

  7. Mandy eventhough I’ve already seen it, even I’m going to pick it up! I do wonder though, five or ten years down the road, how TV on DVD is going to impact our television watching overall :hideme: