Peace on Earth

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Ok so it’s not Christmas yet but Thanksgiving is LOOMING for us in the US.  If I owe you a book, your book went in the mail last week.  I”m off all this week to a) write my ass off, b) see the nutritionist and get a haircut and c) go to Galveston for Thanksgiving.

I know Thanksgiving tends to be about family but I really feel like this year I need to do what makes me happy, and besides, if I take enough notes for a book, maybe I can write it off as a business trip.

I’m still struggling with NAILED but I’ve had a few epiphanies today and I think that’ll help tons.  I think I can buckle down and just sink into the story now.  I better 😉

I’m blogging at SFC today if anyone wants to stop by for a real blog post LOL

11 thoughts on “Peace on Earth

  1. Thanksgiving is about remembering the important things in life!

    Not whether you freaking BIL can get his head out of his ass long enough to visit the rest of the family before he moves across the gd Pacific . . . sorry . . . did that sound bitter…. :zipit:

  2. I keep meaning to tell you how MUCH I LIKE YOUR COVER. Wow. it’s gorgeous.

    Or maybe I did tell you? Heck, it’s that good.

  3. and why don’t your links work? the ones at the top of the page?

    btw I’m going to buy the book so it doesn’t look like I’m subtly insulting you by constantly mentioning the cover and not talking about the contents. That’s because I haven’t read it . . . yet!

  4. ummmm.
    no I won’t buy it.
    Not yet. (For some reason I thought it was out Nov 06.)

    Okay. Did I mention how much I like the cover?

    Kate, slinking back to her blog.

  5. Kate…thank YOU! I ADORE IT!!!!!!!!

    I’ll fix the links this evevening *g*

    No slinking allowed! I wish it was out now but I know the next six months are going to fly by :tater: