Paying it Forward

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FIrst off Dennie is giving away goodies over at SFC. All you have to do is give a pic a caption and I guarantee you’ll want to see this. And we’re collecting recipes just for fun!

Second….Saturday night after … well the pic over at SFC was taken, I stopped at Starbucks and got the kids coffee. I decided it was a good time to Pay it Forward and bought drinks for the car behind me. It was a small thing but a great way to end a … killer night.

Stop by NAS today (as soon as I go write the blog post!).

5 thoughts on “Paying it Forward

  1. look at you paying it forward! you ROCK!

    They had something on the news like that this morning in …ohio I think. It lasted for TWO HOURS…I guess the person behind you was thankful, but not in a mood {shrugs}