Passing the Buck

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Jordan asked it and Vanessa Jaye answered it and now so will I.

Do you think that readers are so desensitized with content that only multiple, bolder, more graphic depictions reach them?

I think Vanessa’s right…there are some readers who come to the game strictly for the show.  And if show is all you want, you definitely won’t have any trouble finding it.

From a writer’s perspective I think it’s a bit different.  I try to be conscious of not writing the same scene over and over again.  I try to make each scene different and hopefully each scene counts.

But when it comes to sex, I write what interests me.   And what interests me is human nature.

Why would someone choose to engage in Swinging?  Would they do it just to please a partner?  And what happens if one half of a couple wants to swing and the other doesn’t?

Why would a woman choose to have sex with another woman?  What makes a woman embrace the fact that she’s bisexual? What makes a woman embrace the fact she can have sex with another woman and not feel like she’s bisexual?

What makes a couple explore BDSM? And how far can they take it?

What makes us tick?  What drives us?  What scares us?  What makes us cry and laugh and scream and have sex?   Human nature.

11 thoughts on “Passing the Buck

  1. I think that’s a good point. I am a little desensatized. However that’s spelled. And the more out there stuff does penetrate more. Though at that point I think I’m looking for something that just turns me on. I won’t read those extreme sex scene stuff for the story. I really like a story, big nice story, with really hot sex. I don’t see much of that though. It’s either a lot of sex with a small amount of plot, or a nice juicy story with the medium heat sex scene.

  2. Jordan whether I succeed or not remains to be seen 😉 but FWIW I at least know I don’t do it for shock value.

    Shellie it’s definitely a fine line and after the discussions over at Raine’s and Karin’s I thought long and hard about KINK. It’s realy hot with a lot of sex and whether I Pulled off what I inteded or not, again, remains to be seen. :doze:

  3. Amie, you’re dead on– human nature, they psychology behind the motives–will set your stuff apart. Like Jordan says, there’s not a lot out there, just the same old cliche stuff that people usually complain about in the non-erotic romance stuff.

  4. Jaye, I think you’re right. It’s not just the erotica/romantica stuff people are complaining about.

    And Ames, your characters are always PEOPLE, which makes your stories interesting.

    Maybe it’s all like a pendulum swing. For so long we were relegated to books that closed the bedroom doors. When the doors finally flew open, it was exciting to see it all.

    I don’t think we want the doors closed again…maybe just a bit of storyline and buttered popcorn to go with the show. :tater:

  5. interesting post, Amie. I don’t particularly like reading sex scenes with monkey bars and trapeezes. I like a good old fashioned passionate love story. Give me the characters first. the sex that follows can be missionary stlye and the hottest scene I’ve ever read so long as the characters have been developed so well I’m in thier heads feeling what they feel.

  6. Your blog hates me and refuses to let me post – just so you’ll know – I’ve tried since like 18 hours ago – lol.

    My editors’ collective peeve with my work is that I don’t do ‘enough’ of the omg stuff, the heat index, so if anyone is reading me, they’re in it for something other than that.

    Oh, and I took your frap’ test – seems I’m caramel. :heythere:

    I’ve missed reading your blog, girl. (my bad, not yours)

  7. Raine pass the popcorn!

    Karin agreed…I think it really goes back to execution. One of the hottest scenes I ever read was actually incredibly vague 😛 Characterization and writing that clicks with me will get me no matter what genre.

    Sunny apparnetly we had server problems as well :crazy:
    Honestly you haven’t missed much–I’ve been a bad boring blogger lately. I have no idea why people read me :tater:

  8. :tater: Well I’ve had a puter crash so I lost all passwords to anyone’s blog, may be a good thing since I have been thinking too deep lately. :doh But you ladies are discussing what is being talked about in private e mails and among many readers and authors. I am being enlightened– since I thought erotica was (sexually stimulating) stories with no expectation of HEA or romance, sort of those exploration books. That romantica is merely a one man one woman HEA book with more scenes and more explicit scenes, and romance doesn’t have to have any sex or mild sex. Now I think my idea of romantica might be what everyone is describing as erotica… :zipit: So… If we are talking about what you descibed on Jaq’s blog, I think you should be free to explore whatever the character dictates, since you do write characters with depth and they are always 3D. Isn’t erotica a wide open genre with the expecation by the reader that you can have anything in it. Like you, I would not believe a (falling in love) at the end of erotic short stories… but then I’m all confused because I’m thinking readers are calling erotica (romantica) in their expecation, in which case, you’d be expected to deliver something else, like love, romance, HEA… and I didn’t know that (romantica) was applied to stories with other partners or whatever:wth: Okay, so overlook me. until I figure this all out because reviewers and fans, booksellers tag my books erotic/romantica if they have explict sex between the main characters. But I say, in the context of what you write, you should do as you do, with all of your stories, be true to your character and go for whatever you need to create the best scenes and use what you want to in order to reach into the character’s head. I think readers of the genre would accept anything handled skillfully by an author. I just read some taboo stuff in a fantasy I would have gagged reading in romance, but there you go, somehow it worked in the story and made sense to the character and storyline. You can do amazing things with character’s Amie. In that mindset, anything is open to you.

  9. Evie By damn I think you’ve hit it on the head!
    Marketing, editors, readers and writers aren’t all on the same page.

    One person’s erotic romance (what you call Romantica) is another person’s erotica is someone elses steamy romance, etc etc etc. Therein lies the problem and I personally have come to abhor the term HEA becuase it, like ER is in the eye of the beholder.