Parental Control

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So #1 son has really been pushing the buttons lately. But, you know, I’m the mom and I make all the rules and I (almost) always win.

So last Wednesday #1 goes out to play with his friend. He let his friend take #2’s bike. He got grounded. He said, “I told him not to take it.”

Moi replies, “Well now you can tell him thanks to him, you’re grounded. Deal with it.”

#1 had a bad attitude–like that’s a surprise? :crazy: He was not happy. Then about 8:30 #1 and #2 went out to play basketball. There was (apparently) a scuffle and words were exchanged. I”m laying in bed reading when #2 comes running in with his gameboy and says “I want to be in here with you.”

This is his 10 YO way of saying, Protect me, Mom. :hideme:

Warning bells go off……2 minutes later #1 comes hobbling in, snipping at his (younger/smaller) brother who pushed him down and hurt his poor wittew knee. I know I sound mean but this is the kid who wants to play football next year. Time to toughen up kid; learn to take your hits already!

The snipping doesn’t end. I send #1 to the shower and #2 to bed.

Down the hall they go and another shouting match ensues. #1 calls #2 a fag. This is NOT acceptable. :hushup:

When #1 gets out of the shower he notes the lack of cable television in his room :yell: <--#1 when he finds out he's lost his TV until he returns from his dad's house on Sunday night. :wtf: <-- Both the boys when they find out their two favorite shows are now off limits, like forever. Period. Do not argue with me, do not kick the :meow:. Fast forward to Tuesday night. The boys ticked me off; I sent them to their rooms. Then went to work on the parental controls on the cable boxes :flirt: , then went back to bed and my book. Not fifteen minutes later, I hear rumblings. #1 is in #2's room wigging out. #2 starts to wig. The whispers get louder. I hear things like Ring2, Law and Order and Protest. I hide my face behind my book and laugh to myself cuz I know what's coming. Sure enough they appear in my room #1 leading the way. "I CAN'T WATCH LAW AND ORDER!!!!!!!!!" :yell: Moi, "I can unlock LAO for you." #2 "I PROTEST! I CAN WATCH THE RING 2, AND WHITE NOISE BUT I CAN'T WATCH ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13? WHAT IS THAT?" Moi, "No you can't watch The Ring 2 or White Noise but I'll unlock Assault on Precinct 13 for you." #2 again, "I Protest." Moi, "Tough." :lighterup:

7 thoughts on “Parental Control

  1. Don’t you just love boys??? Mine fight constantly. #1 says #3 is a spoiled terd. #1 says that #3 is an S head. Yes he said a S head. I said go to your room.
    #2 says “who cares what #1 and #3 do as long as they leave me alone.”
    All of them are ungreatful. Go to Peter Piper pizza. #3 is crying he wants 5 dollars. I gave all three five before we got there to play games with. #3 spent it all quick. So he cries for more. Grandpa says here is a dollar. #3 says no I want 5.
    Ungreatful…I am sending them to you

  2. OMG – there is something in the air! Spare+1 has been raggin’ on EVERYONE & will not quit – he spent two hours in his room today – you think that worked … nope.

    Yesterday I threatened them – told them if they didn’t behave I was going to to the mall and try on clothes and shoes and check out the make-up counter – WITH ALL OF THEM IN TOW!

  3. Well, girls aren’t any better. Today my goddaughters, 13 and 9, got into a big fight. My mother sent each to a room. Did that work? Nuh-uh. So when I came home mom told me about it. I called them out. The oldest tried to explain me how important this call from this 14-yr boy was and how her sister had been annoying her doing kissing noises. I told them that if my mother suffered a heart attack because of their stupid fights, I’d forbid her to take care of them, which meant they’d have to stay in school until their mom could pick them up at 4:00 pm.

  4. Yeah, but at least you can ground them or send them to their rooms. When mother pitches a fit, not a damn thing I can do about it.

  5. Oh, kids are such fun! *rolls eyes* Mine just had his 9th birthday party at the bowling alley last night, and the kids who came drove me insane!!!! I’m so thankful that birthdays only come once a year!:wink:

  6. Hollie…do NOT send me your children. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200.00! 😆

    Silma I hear girls are worse :crazy:

    Eve….You’re right. :embarassed:

    Larissa…birthday parties are THE DEVIL!

    Linda…thank you. So nice to know I’m not alone :uzi:

    This morning I went in to pick up their bathroom and discovered that SOMEONE (no one knows who–must have been the cats) took a chip out of the porcelain bathtub :uzi: Both boys were forced to clean the bathroom and scrub the tub and toilet. 😡