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I’m over at SFC today talking about Ravenous Romance and asking, “Will this raise the bar in epublishing?”

I got no writing done on Saturday but I had a GREAT girl’s afternoon out with Bailey Stuart, Lynn Matherly and Bailey’s good friend the oh-so-quiet-and-lovely Susie — We hit Michelle Miles‘ book signing…much book-buying ensued. Then we went out to linner (that’s lunch/dinner).

Then I drove him with Mik’s new book, and two YA’s in hand. Much reading ensued. As in I stayed up until Midnight reading, this book… by Robin Wasserman.

If you like Scott Westerfeld’s UGLIES series,  I HIGHLY recommend this one. I’ll also be doing some backlist glomming. And I passed it on to my kid.

Luckily I went nowhere Sunday….because this AM I took the kid to school, after chasing the damned dog, and had a flat on the way home. Much cursing ensued. 🙁

PS will update word-meters soon.

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