Other Places …part tres

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Yesterday over at SFC I continued chatting about query letters.

Today at NAS it’s why I’ll never date you.

Melissa Blue is talking one of my favorite subjects...WOMENS FICTION.

We were chatting about what’s taboo etc and I thought it might be fun to list some great women’s ficton reads. I’m opening the floor for recommendations, so feel free to weigh in and/or do some self-pimpage!

Two of my favorites are Allison Winn Scotch’s The Department of Lost and Found and Lolly Winston’s Good Grief.

Your turn!

10 thoughts on “Other Places …part tres

  1. Mad Dash – Pat Gaffney

    Blue Eyed Devile – Lisa Klypas – I know, you won’t think this is women’s fiction but the heroine’s personal growth is wonderful to watch.

  2. Leaving Normal by Stef Ann Holm. It’s a great story about growth, family, healing, and of course love. If you’re bitter and cynical (like me), the sap-factor might be a little bit hard to stomach. But if you really believe in true love and happy endings, it’s a fantastic book.

    Twisted Creek by Jodi Thomas is one of my all-time favorite books, and one of the only women’s fiction books that didn’t send me into a sugar-induced coma. It’s sooo good and the writing is absolutely beautiful. It’s about personal growth and healing (as is most women’s fic), but it’s about an entire town and not just one person. Such a gorgeous book.

  3. Jen I definitely qualify as a twisted cynic (can we trademark that?) but I might have to check it out anyway.

    Another really beautiful writer is Marsha Moyer (The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch is the first book in her series). She’s also from Texas 😀

    If you want WF without the sappy endings might i rec the last two Jane Porter books I read–esp Odd Mom Out. I loved that heroine!

  4. Is The Color Purple women’s fiction?

    I would think so, but I think it leans more heavily toward being straight literary. Women’s Fiction authors can lay claim to it.

    Also, I’d add Sarah Addison’s Garden Spells as another WF. Along with Pratical Magic by Alice Hoffman, but I think that’s the high brow end of WF.

  5. INterestingly enough, I think Garden Spells could have gone WF OR Romance, though it didn’t exactly wow me

  6. Practical Magic is one of my favorites. LOVE. Love. Love. Eek, am I highbrow bordering on literary in my WF tastes?

  7. Oh Charli that sounds good–yes I went and looked. I don’t think it matters what we read as long as we’re reading, right? 😀