One of Those Days

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Ever have one of those days where you forget something but can’t remember what you keep forgetting?

Well that’s been my entire week.

No writing yesterday–I’m not surprised. We had basketball again last night and I got up so early yesterday by the time I took the kid to practice I was bleary eyed, so I read instead.

Probably no writing again until Monday and here’s why:
a) I have page proofs on NAILED due Tuesday. I’m not done.
b) I’m one of the contest coordinators for our chapter contest and we’re gearing up to mail out judges packets (Sunday).
c) I have an RWA Chapter meeting Saturday and I’m the secretary (I also can’t find my notes from the last meeting and I have to type up the minutes
d) I have a book signing tomorrow with Denise, Mik et all. I have one inch of white roots. Guess what I’m doing tonight?! Yeah.

e) I have to do the second round of edits on Ropers Rule (Saturday night I hope).
f) Spend Sunday with Lynn putting together judges packets…oh and clean tonight so my house doesn’t look like a complete pigsty when she comes over.*note to self: buy candles*

can I please be excused from the planet this weekend? Thanks. I knew I could count on you.

In the mean time, if you’re bored, Raine is on her soap box again at SFC…and the Manuscript Mavens CYOA is still going on!

7 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. I think page proofs count as writing, don’t you? Seriously. That’s not easy stuff. I wrote, and blogged about it. Tired, very tired now. Going to bed. 🙂

  2. Awwwe! Pobrecita Amie. Dang. You have a billion and one things to do. Call me if you need me. Especially if the b-ball mom from hell is at the game again. Have fun at the book signing. Wish I could be there.


  3. Bailey….um Right like twice please 🙂

    Lynn I didn’t….the kids did most of it so all I have to do is fold the laundry covering my couch. And clean up all the hair dye stuff 😀

    Marissa…I was so tired yesterday I only waded through about 10 pages. But I got a bucket full of contest entries ready 😀

    Emma…no b’ball. I have no not-so-small children this weekend.

    Raine….I hart you and your soapbox

  4. I made quite a dent…including those judges packets with LYnn, sadly, I put the wrong numbers on all the cover sheets and have to redo them. *sigH*