Once in a Blue Moon

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Ladies and Lurkers……….we have a cover

And yes it’s fast, but I got the cover early because it was needed for the Februrary 2006 LSB RT Ad.

I’ve got to get writing but I’ll be doing final edits tomorrow :woot:

18 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon

  1. Thanks everyone! I’m psyched! I think it’s fave (ok so I only have two to chose from but still!).

    Steph after spending an hour with Raine last night I think I figured out the problem. *gulp* the male protagonist *double gulp* He’s not fixable but he is replacable!!!!!! :yell:

  2. :woot: What a HOT HOT HOT cover, hon!! It looks fantastic!! I LOVE it! And it does fit the story perfectly!

    LMAO Raine, have you seen the FRIENDS episode where Joey wants to become a hand-model? Too funny, you totally reminded me of that!! 😆

  3. Thanks Shannon, kel and Annalee (poor jaq had to see all three versions LOL she’s so sweet). I’m totally diggin it!