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I’ve been thinking a lot about what to work on next while Raine and I work on our proposal. I need to get something else to my agent, but I’m totally and completely stumped for a hot book idea. Erotic photography and magical vaginas have been done, it seems, along with a host of other ideas. Nothing feels fresh, or new or interesting (TO ME to write about) and though I have a few other proposals in progress, I don’t feel like working on them.   So it’s something new.  Or not…I can’t seem to muster any interest in the kinky or the profane.  And I swore to myself I wouldn’t tackle another Collier brother for quite some time (read a very very long time) but I was playing around with pen and paper and found a great heroine, then I found her a great conflict/backstory and then I tried to put her with a hero I’ve had waiting on the sidelines and it didn’t work. Better to find it out now than 200 pages in though.


Lucky for me, the one thing I learned writing NAILED was to do lots and lots of prep work.  Anyone know any sharp shooters?


13 thoughts on “On The Way to the WIP

  1. A very, very, very long time?:poof:

    Sorry, you’re on your own sweetie. Nothing is fresh. There are only a few ideas running around out there and each author puts their own spin on it. Or at least, that’s what I’ve been told. So read. :tater: or watch a movie. Sometimes those things put a spark of an idea in my head. Or not. But it’s better than staring at the computer/pad of paper/wall and screaming :yell: Maybe.

    I’ll look under the bed and see if I can find a sharp shooter …

  2. Ugh…I feel you. Isn’t it weird how you can have a bazillion ideas and no time to write them, and then later, have time but no ideas?

    Sending you creative vibes! 😉

    Oh, and if it helps, my husband is a competitive sharpshooter who trains military shooting…

  3. I agree with Bailey. Step away from the puter for a while and watch a few movies. Something might trigger an idea. Or go grab Scientific American. Lot of great ideas in that magazine. Good luck!

  4. No bailey just a very very long time 😆

    Larissa…ain’t that the truth! I might be tapping the hubster for info if I really do end up running iwth this idea.

    Jordan I just might do that. I’m actually tired. It’s been a long week. I do like the idea I’m just not sure it’s hot enough.

    Raine :lol::lol::lol:

  5. I have an idea but I’m not familiar with romantica and what’s been done before, so I don’t want to look like a moron posting it. LOL!

  6. I feel for ya Cece. I know what you’re saying. I think the trick for me is to write about something I’m passionate about or something that really rings true for me. Most times it’s something I don’t understand and have trouble fathoming, and so in the writing I’m trying to work out the problem. It’s always about people being capable of doing horrible things I can’t imagine.

  7. What about possessed vaginas? Has that been done? Originality is overated. 😀 Seriously. If you’ve got a good voice… yeah.

    I thought I was taking a break from erotic romance, then got hit with the kinky stick. Sooo we shall see. I’m subbing a sci fi to the Stroke of Midnight now!:crazy:

  8. Amie, you are living MY life! My “great” idea for an erotic thriller lost every ‘thrill’ and trace of eroticism with every word I wrote. So, I put it on the back burner for a bit and am focusing on my women’s fiction book, which is supposed to be completed by mid-February … hmmm … maybe that’s what I was SUPPOSED to be working on anyway!

    All this is to say … is there another project you can work on to stir up those creative juices … ?

  9. Rachelle…I had a hard time with NAILED re: sexual tension and mystery so I can sympathise!

    Shiloh LOL you can blame Kate Rothwell for that one!

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