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I’m HOME!!!!!!!!!

I’m exhausted too. I don’t think I got into bed before midnight one night this last week (except last night and even that’s questionable). And all the free books were like OMG crack heaven for readers. I did some damage……that’s for sure. My first RWA blog post is at SFC today…..

I’ll probably recap all week with piccies included but I don’t want to overdo!

14 thoughts on “OMG

  1. :memememe:
    Did you get me anything? LOL
    I told all my SARA sisters to get me pens. We had our meeting and I was like GET RUBY PENS!!! :uzi: I am such a pen thief. I bet you had a blast though…I am so jealous!:(

  2. TY Raine!!!

    Ruby if I find some pens I’ll send them to you!

    Jesus LYNN I feel abused and I just woke up from a 3 hour nap!!! All the laundry is washed though and I just took a shower. Damn I’m old :crazy:

  3. 😎
    Are the kids back? That will really make you exhausted….LOL

  4. UGH–I just got home–got delayed in Charlotte…AGAIN.

    It was awesome meeting you, Amie!!!! Sorry I didn’t catch up to say goodbye, but I think I have some fun pics of you to post on my blog! *g*

  5. It was fun wasn’t it? Still I’m glad to be home.

    And I’m SO glad I got to meet you. Pics will appear on my blog this week – promise!

  6. I’m glad you had a blast. I haven’t chatted with you in awhile and just wanted to drop by and say Hi! Hi! πŸ™‚

  7. Amie, glad you’re home. I took a four hour nap when I got home yesterday. Then went to bed two hours later.

  8. RUby I got home early Sunday….the kids late sunday. I actually took a nap–not that it helped much!

    Scooper–is it time for Heroes yet? πŸ˜† I”ve missed you too but pre-vaca work was busybusy!

    Gennita thanks for stopping by. It was SO nice to meet you!!!!!! :memememe:

    Carol it was such a treat to meet you too (I feel like I”m repeating myself but dang it was ALL GOOD).

    Karin I think i could still go for a few naps but work calls!

    Suzanne! You too (though you never did introduce me to that hunk at your side πŸ˜› )

  9. Larissa…I’m glad you finally made it home safe. I can’t wait for more pics (bec. I know none of the ones of me are incriminating! πŸ˜† )