Oh Really!

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So last week I went to see my girl to get a wax. Last time I saw her we had a short (oh so short) convo about reading–she doesn’t read romance :doze: no heaving bosoms or throbbing manhoods for her! I didn’t bother telling her that romances have probably changed a lot since she picked one up or that I wrote.

So last week when I went to see her I told her I’d sold a book–networking people!–she of course wanted to know what kind, as did the girl taking perm rods from a *very* old woman’s head. Erotica! I write Erotica!

Girl Removing Perm Rods says “like Smut?”

I grinned. “Yup, just like smut!”

Do I mind having my work called smut? HELL NO! Why? Cuz, well I figure if I own the word you can’t use it against me. So, yeah, hello, my name is Cece and I write smut (I also own the word bitch :ohmy: )

Inevitably, Wax Girl asked me where I got the idea for my book from.

I grinned again….”The Blue Collar Comedy Tour” :pimpn:

13 thoughts on “Oh Really!

  1. LOL Perm Rod girl actually sounded pretty interested. Wax Girl said she didn’t keep that kind of stuff around the house, but she’d read mine (this from the girl who told me about how she got high and went through a haunted house one Halloween :zipit: )

  2. My name is Eve and I proudly read smut – sometimes the smuttier the better :heythere: And someday I will probably proudly write smut too.:kiss:

  3. Hmm…. smut. I never heard that one referring to erotic romance. Last time I mentioned I wrote erotic romance, someone said, “Oh, chick porn.” I answered, “Yeah, I write sex between a c**ck and a chicken. The whole rooster is there. It’s pretty perverted.” 😆

  4. For Silma: Smut-Creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire.

    Alternate words include erotica. This from my Wordweb dictionary!

    Silma I think I’da been tempted to say Chick Porn is what you find in Playgirl—ahem. And it really is erotica (with a happy ending) vs erotic romance (with an HEA). :kiss:

    JOrdan…Ron White is a GOD!

    Daisy *shaking head* Great PORN with GREAT PLOT! :woot:

  5. It’s way too hot for all of this.
    :fly: Hell, I was kind of hoping that the flapping wings would generate some air.