No Negative Thoughts

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Sasha White has a great blog up at Naughty and Spice that asks, “What do you want?”

Now I”m not just saying it’s great because she’s our guest blogger this week, I’m going to take my comment I left over there about coming back from Nationals feeling more positive, one step further. Because when you get drug down by the day-to-day of life it’s real easy to let positive fly out the window; when you get drug down by the beating you can take as a writer (published or otherwise) it’s real easy to let that fly out the window. Not only was I once-up-a-time more positive, I was more in touch with the universe, more willing to ask for what I wanted, more willing to verbalize to the universe my needs and wants and desires and I need to get back to that.

I am going to be more positive. I will be more positive. I am a positive person.

To that end, I even ordered a book my nutritionist recommended called “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.” It takes the power of positive reinforcement to the next level and talks about reprogramming your DNA (to become a more positive person, to become a calmer person, to change the way you think, feel, eat etc).

If you want to laugh or poke fun, please do so elsewhere….this is a no negativity zone 😀

14 thoughts on “No Negative Thoughts

  1. I’ve been asking myself that very question lately. What do I want? I don’t really have an answer yet, but I believe the question is a good place to start.

  2. Gawwwwwww Sharon I miss you too!!!!

    Jordan….funny, my answer was actually kind of vague but then, not so vague 😆

  3. Good for you! I truly believe in the power of positive thinking, and I do my best to surround myself with positive people. It’s AMAZING how fast a negative person can bring you down. Send positive energy out into the universe, and it’ll return to you even more juiced.

    You go, girl!:woot:

  4. LOL check out today’s horo-scope!

    The time is right to set the stage for some major changes. You’re so silver-tongued right now that you could charm the birds out of trees. Just be very clear about what you want to happen before you start talking.

  5. Stress and/or negativity just suck the life out of you. (Speaking from personal/painful experience, here). You go girl! That book sounds like a good start.

  6. Way to go, Amie! The power of positive thinking really exists.:yippee:
    Or, so I’ve been told. I need to try it a bit more myself. :kisses:

  7. Amie, not only will you feel better with positive thinking and living, in doing so, all of those negative suckers latched onto you drop off. Like overfed ticks. lol, you know the people I’m talking about…
    Now on a bit of a negative note, :mybad: doesn’t it suck not being able to hang out? Are you planning on coming my way next year?

  8. and it sets good examples for the kiddos–hopefully when mine see I don’t get all bogged down in negativity, they can lighten up too and the little vein in Spare’s forehead will decrease!

  9. Jaq I KNOW you KNOW! :heythere: I owe you email and I miss you

    Karin yes it does! I can’t wait for San Fran!!!

    Lynn YOU WILL! 😆

    Dennie….this is very true!

  10. I’m with you – the day to day stuff can really bog you down so I’m trying to be more positive myself. Gotta believe in ourselves to make it happen, right? :kisses:

  11. Yep, sometimes all it takes is waiting for dawn to come. Without the low spots, how the heck would we ever recognize the highs.

  12. Good for you. Life is way too short to waste it in negative thought.:yippee:

    BTW, finally got my copy of “Hands On”, can’t wait to get started on it.