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Mighty Cece has dropped her keyboard………I am proud to announce that I’ll probably win Larissa’s Nano contest (which I would link to but I keep getting notices the site can’t be found).

Obviously the writing has NOT been going well. Part of this is hormonal and part of this is due to excessive thinking :memememe:

This weekend at my RWA meeting I got to meet Jessica Trapp who is a TOTAL HOOT! She gave a presentation on voice which was great! But she also talked about some other writerly stuff, including owning your feelings. Even if you only share those feelings with your journal, you should own them. Other than the fact I’ve found myself in a real quandry lately, I’m not going to share my feelings (poor Raine and Jaq have already had to endure enough of that), but I can now own them. :hideme: And I spent a really long time yesterday leasing them out to Poor Raine with her oh-so-logical brain (WHO HAS A NEW RELEASE COMING OUT TOMORROW).

SO anyway this ramble has no point other than to say that the Nano YA is on hold at that
magical page 20 I just adore (not). I really want to write this story. I love it but my head is SO cluttered right now. The one thing I have realized is that I need to go forth and be happy, so I will and I suggest you do too :kiss:

*in other news this morning I learned that pseudo-tragically, we won’t be having a family Thanksgiving. Not only are my dad and step-mom going out of town (and I’m welcome to join them) but my children are going to the SD’s–they should leave thursday night AND it’s his weekend so they should be gone all weekend long (I feel like I won the freakin’ lottery!) and did I mention that I’ve taken Thanksgiving week off. Depressed? I think NOT 😎

9 thoughts on “No love in Writerville

  1. YAY on winning the contest, Cece!! You absolutely rock, woman!! And enjoy the relaxing time at Thanksgiving. I envy you, since we’re the ones that do dinner every year for my in-laws, including his aunts, uncles.

  2. LOL Trace……it’s a biggest loser contest–I didnt win but I’m betting I got a really good chance. Sorry my sarcasm sometimes fails me. I’m really REALLY looking forward to next week!

  3. Sometimes the only thing you can do is regroup. Take the time you need to wrap your head around things. The writing will come back.

  4. Love the new website. Did you ever have a time in your life when you thought being alone was a bad thing? Not me, but I know people who still feel that way. Go figure. 😕 I used to do the big Thanksgiving with all the fuss–and it was a fuss with a vegetarian, family food allergies, and fussy eaters [my mom especially]. Not this year. My Suzie Homemaker warranty expired and we are going out. Probably to Blackeyed Pea. I really don’t care if it’s Sonic, frankly, as long as I don’t have to cook it. Whoever said, “My favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations,” has my vote.

  5. Trace, I SWEAR I thought your post read “aunts, undies”…(maybe a break from the erotica is needed). 😛

    {{{{Hugs}}}}, Ames, on the Thanksgiving misfortune. 🙄

    And ending with my favorite Joseph Campbell quote:
    “Follow your bliss.” :kiss:

  6. JOrdan I’m better already thanks! I’ve done a lot of thinking and bouncing stuff off poor Raine……..

    Caroline yes there was a time after my divorce when I thought I “had to get married again”….I’ve since learned the error of my ways.

    Ohhhhhh I have a newsletter to send out.

    Mik you can steal my smilies anytime!