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So after a summer of almost no blogging, I have to say, it’s been great. I’m barely on the net in the evenings, and now that the book is done (TYSBJ), I’ve got time to spend around the house (as well as writing other stuff). At this point, other than my group blogging responsibilities, I don’t feel like I have a lot to add to the blogging community so I’m honestly not sure if or when I’ll come back full time (and don’t feel the need to). However, you can find me on Twitter 🙂

And I”m doing Jackie’s 30k in 30 days challenge!

*Finished reading Patricia Briggs’ Blood Bound Saturday night…it rocked and now I want book three–gotta see how that love quadrangle plays out heeh! Also can’t remember if I mentioned it, I finished Lisa Gardner’s Say Goodbye–it’s probably one of her best yet, but also very violent and disturbing. (If violence against children bothers you–skip this one!). Both books were solid A reads for me.

Up next? Not sure but I’ve got tons of books to pick from.  I’m thinking I need some YA

3 thoughts on “No Blogging

  1. I LOVED Blood Bound. Terrific book! I have Iron Kissed on my shelf. I’ve been waiting to finish this book so that I can sit back and really enjoy it. She also has the next book in the series coming out in Jan. in hardback. I hate hardbacks, but I’m going to have to suck it up and buy that one.

    I hear you on blogging. I’ve been horrible about it lately. So much work–no time to blog. Hopefully that will change. Dh says I need to disconnect more. I think I’m going to play Rachet and Clank over my weekends and go to movies, instead of firing up the computer. 🙂 Oh, and exercise would probably be a good idea. Where’s my Wii fit when I need it? *g*

  2. I don’t have Iron Kissed yet. Wah. (For some reasons, bookstores have Blood Bound but not IK.) I’ll be forking over for the hardback, too. Can’t wait for paperback!

    Unplugging is good. Exercise is good. Living more life is good.