Nature vs Nurture

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Am I the only one fascinated by this topic?  I’ve always thought so, and if that is the case, it’s probably because I’m adopted.  I can tell you, in my adoptive family, exactly what’s nature and what’s nurture.  My brother is (probably) ADHD and it does run in teh family.  His son is just like him.  The older my father gets, the more like his father he is (in looks and personality).  I see a lot of my grandmother in my aunt, and the women in my father’s family are prone to wavy hair and premature grey (and I’m talking three generations).  Most of that is nature.  Which means none of it applies to me.  So what does?
I can tell you #1 son is a lot like me, he’s got my temperment (stubbor little shit) where #2 is more like his dad with the ADD.  That’s ADD not ADHD.  Though I think he gets his dreamer qualities from me 🙂

Over at Vanessa’s blog she’s wondering about the purpose of Myspace.   And what the hell does that have to do with nature vs nurture?

Anyone who knows me knows I am a horrible homebody who spends a lot of time reading romance novels and collecting recipes…I am actually writing my what I hope to be my first bodice ripper and its going to be sci-fi with of lots of ummm well you know..

That my friends, is nature.  Also known as my (biological) half-sister who’s living on the east coast working on her masters (and a romance novel).  🙂

I guess, to some people, this doesn’t seem like much but when you have very little, it’s a lot.  I remember, from my adoption paperwork, my biological mother was a writer too.  She supposedly sold some short stories but I never managed to track them down.  I guess the apples don’t fall far from the tree.

15 thoughts on “Nature vs Nurture

  1. My dad never wrote, and barely reads anything, either. Mom, on the other hand, was alwasy reading and talking about writing. My brother writes as well.

  2. An interesting post, ma’am.
    Curious, that writing gene thing–especially with the half-sister you’ve never really been around…

    I have a brother who used to write short stories privately, but other than that, as far as I can find out, there isn’t a soul anywhere down the line who was interested in writing. Maybe once in a while, a mutant pops up in the gene pool–lol! 😀

    But it would be so GREAT if you could find some of your mom’s stories, see if there was any similarity!

  3. I find it fascinating that your half sister is your writer as well as your biological mother. What a trip! It would be great if you could find her stories…

    My mom and grandma are both big readers but not writers. I don’t know of any writers in my family ‘cept me…

    :kisses: I like this guy.

  4. I meant to say “a writer” not “your writer.” I can’t see cos the sun is in my eyes and reflecting off the damn monitor of my laptop. God, I feel like an old lady.

  5. My mother SWEARS I take after her… she says she wrote in high school. Hm. No one else in my family writes. Except for my aunt and she self-published. Does that count?

  6. Karen…I know you ain’t old :kisses:

    Mik Aunt’s by Marriage don’t count. Esp when you’re divorced. Wait …never mind.

    It is odd and I didn’t mention the obvious, we weren’t raised together and we’ve never said any more than “how do you do” to each other in the one time we met many years ago.

  7. And funny enough, Raine your post reminded me, the baby of hte family writes poetry :kiss:

    Karen I have no idea if she still writes though

    Marty considering I’ve always felt like the freak of the family, it’s really nice to know there’s someone out there related to me that’s like me. :heythere:

  8. LOL I didn’t think it counted. 😉 Oh and my aunt divorced my uncle years ago… so I guess it REALLY doesn’t count. LOL

  9. Nature vs. Nurture has always fascinated me. I always love stories about twins who were separated at birth, raised by totally different families, and yet, are still so similar!

  10. Tracy I definitely think that can play in. Most writers I know have other creative outlets AND maybe it’s like being predisposed for addiction and/or substance abuse which runs in my adoptive family–it can take many forms but it all boils down to the same thing! :lighterup: