My I Love Lucy Life

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Or I pulled a Jill Shalvis.

Jill forgive me. But if you’ve ever been to Jill’s blog (and if you haven’t WHY NOT? :memememe: ) you know she frequently has run ins with spiders, bears and construction.

So Monday I sneak out of work a bit early (shhhhhhh) and go home, start the grill, put dessert in the oven, get out some veggies. I’m gonna be a GOOD MOM and cook a real dinner for the kids (real meaning it’s not served on a pizza pie pan). Now every afternoon the kids call and I tell them what chores they need to do. Being Monday the house was relatively clean (relatively speaking) so I told my youngest there were two pans to scrub, put in the dishwasher and start the dishwasher.

No big deal….right?

So I get home and do all that stuff and before I go sit down for a few I turn the dishwasher on. Ten minutes later the timer goes off and I get up to flip the chicken and finish up the noodles. Ecept my kitchen now looks like something out of an I Love Lucy episode with about three inches of suds floating across a lake of water and my dishwasher is now a sudsy Niagra Falls. :dead:

Turn off dishwasher, flip chicken, yell at kids for towels, mop up water, turn off noodles, peer in dishwasher to see what son did, bang head on counter. He filled the Jetwash dispenser with Palmolive liquid dishwashing soap. NOT Dishwasher soap, like you know, for the dish WASHER but the liquid stuff that you squirt in the sink.

Yell at kid, look at four month old floor, try not to cry, flip chicken, turn noodle water back on, turn dishwasher back on and stare at it. It oozes a bit but all seems safe. The smell of peach cobbler fills the air. Everything’s gonna be fine….

NOT. Go back out in kitchen ten minutes later to, you guessed it, another :hushup: ocean of water and suds. And overcooked noodles which for some odd reason the kids loved. Run to bedroom, grab quilt, run back to kitchen and throw it down on the floor. Rinse, repeat. By now I am in total denial. I sit, eat my dinner, watch a movie, have dessert (peach cobbler rocked) and wash two loads of towels.

About 9:30 #1 wanders out, he’s in the kitchen messing around. Kid takes a STRAW and sucks all the soap out of the little hole where #2 had filled the Jet Dry dispenser. Bless him. Turn dishwasher back on. Go sit down. Must finish editing OIABM before Nice Editor Lady Carol yells at me. :hideme:

9:55 #1 son wanders back out. “Um Mom, it did it again.”

:uzi: :uzi: :uzi:

The really nice lady on the Palmolive Hotline said to use vinegar to cut the suds. :dead:

14 thoughts on “My I Love Lucy Life

  1. I did laugh. 😎
    And yeah, vinegar & cold water works.

    And just think, hon–ten years from now, when you’re a best-selling novelist & the kids are all grown, you’ll look back on it & laugh too. 😉

  2. Um, I’m sorry? (And yeah, I laughed. Only because I could see it so clearly.)

    Hope the vinegar does the trick. :poof:

    And now I want some noodles!!

  3. LMAO! Oh. My. Gawd. Hon, I’m sorry, but your story had me laughing so hard I cried! :zipit: If it makes you feel any better, laughter tears messed up eye make up—and I am at work! 😆

  4. Vinegar. Must remember vinegar. I’m sure my kids will end up doing something like that sometime in the future. It’s inevitable because I laughed when I read this. I always get punished for laughing.

  5. Lucy…you have some ‘splainin’ to do!

    LOL Poor Cece! That’s hilarious and horrible at the same time! The upside of something that wretched is that it can always be altered just a bit and included in one of your romantic comedies. I do it all the time. Writers like us who live honest to goodness scrambled-up I Love Lucy lives either have to profit from it or we’ll go bonkers! :-0

  6. The noodles weren’t that good Amy but kids love the weirdest things….

    Ok I’m glad I made ya’ll laugh LOL Daisy I’m sure this’ll find it’s way into a story–maybe someday when I write mom-lit or write a YA and some kid does it to their parent. :zipit:

  7. See, all I kept thinking was – if she had just ordered some take-out, this would never have happened. It’s that cooking thing – it’s evil, I tell ya…:poof:

  8. Cece, I laughed so hard I cried. Only because I can relate so well. But I was really touched that your son tried to help with a straw. What a wonderful man he will be.

  9. I filled the thingie with dishwashing liquid once but thank God realized what I was doing before I closed it and started the dishwasher. A guy here at work did that. On purpose! He had not more of the dishwasher stuff so he squirted dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher and then came merrily to work. When he got home his kitchen was a mountain of suds!!

  10. GAhh steph I get so tired of eating takeout but hell, you’re probably right. Have I mentioned I should buy stock in Dixie Plates 😉

    Sandy he is a pretty good kid 😀

    Mary I’ll live. IT’s over with. At least I can laugh about it now!

    Trace i can’t IMMAGINE what he came home to! :dead: