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Triple Golden Heart Winner and Samhain author, Delle Jacobs is dishing Behind the Book over at SFC today! So stop by!

So 70’s night. MUCH better than 60’s night. Better music overall and frankly a better decade for music. Now let’s take a look at the guys.

Michael Johns–Dude, I agree w/Simon. Not his best performance. Kinda pitchy but he has star presence. Overall, disappointing.

Jason Castro–Again, my dude, I agree w/Simon. He should have stuck with the guitar, but he was good–not great and he can do MUCH better.

Luke Menard–dude please go home. You are my vote to leave the island this week. It was very Cabaret and cheesy. You slaughtered a classic rock song. Again, I’m agreeing w/Simon

Robby C–I agree w/Randy here,d ude, it felt very safe. You better pick it up if you get another week on the island. And for heaven’s sake BRUSH YOUR HAIR.

Danny Noriega–Dude, I HATED that song. What was it? Helen Reddy? Oh the Carpenters. UGh. You can do better. You better do better but it was nice and safe for you. Safe doesn’t win the game.

David Hernandez–DUDE!!!! YOU ROCKED!! Totally hit it out of the park. You sang fab, and had fun doing it. A real winner. Way go to go and welcome back.

Jason Yeager–Good vocals, dude, but nothing outstanding. There’s just something about you I don’t like. You’re my other vote to go home this week. I agree w/Randy and Simon–ordinary and whatever.

Chikezee–“Something well created by God,” INDEED, MY DUDE!!!!!! That song was PERFECT, you had great vocals and you totally blew everyone away. YOu also made me laugh. πŸ™‚

David Cook–Good song, good vocals, very solid. I think you’re safe.

David Archuletta–*sigh* You made me cry. I agree w/Simon that’s a VERY dangerous song (John Lennon) but you totally pulled it off. *sigh* I hart you. I don’t care what my local DJ says. Just please…….grow some confidence sugar.

so to recap, again i think Jason Yeager’s going home (PLEASE) and Luke Menard–I don’t care how cute you are.

What do ya’ll think?

3 thoughts on “My Dude!

  1. Well, you did an awesome recap. very cool. Now I don’t have to do it. LOL I have comparison pics between Luke and Orlando Bloom on the blog… they look so much alike! I don’t like his voice though… he’s more of a Broadway singer me thinks. I’d like to see Danny go home. He annoys me. I very much enjoyed the same ones as you did, but *backing up quickly* I don’t really care for Jason Castro, he’s just not my type. *running away*

  2. Luke picked too high a pitch to sing Killer Queen in. I think if he’d brought it down it would have come off better. I missed the first few performances, but I love watching them and having your blog open to see what your comments were. Keep it up in case I miss a week or two. πŸ™‚

  3. I need to add what’s up with Paula wanting to squeeze David Archuletta’s head off and hang it by her rear view mirror. Seriously? What’s she on and how do I get some? Crazy man.