My Brain is a Scary Place

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In the vein of my last post on writing, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’ve officially fulfilled my contract for Kensington and debating what to work on next (besides the proposal with Raine), I’ve got to work on a proposal for something new and different (for me) this weekend and get it to my agent and I’m searching for something to write about, trying to make decissions since January is almost gone *blink*.

One big decission I made the end of last year-beginning of this year was to write stuff I love and feel really passionate about–something I’m pretty sure Jordan can relate to–because the pressure to produce can really eat away at that passion and it’s just to freakin’ hard to write something you don’t absolutely love love LOVE (the proposal with Raine would fall under this category). So what do I love? I love Once in a Blue Moon (hehe sybil knows where this is going). I WANT another book like that, desperately! Something I adore, something I can immerse myself in, something that lives and breathes and has a soul. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED writing Hands On and Kink–they were a load of fun but….I want to feel it in my gut. I want to feel the love…..
To that end yesterday I printed out the first 100 or so pages of my very first manuscript and sat and read most of it last night and you know what? I cried. I sat there in my car, waiting on the kids during basketball practice and I cried because you know what? It wasn’t just good, it wasn’t just fixable, it had a life, it had that SPARK that makes you go, “God I fucking love this job.” It had that indefinable thing that keeps you coming back again and again again, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed that. It’s not erotica, it’s not erotic romance, it’s…..should I let Sybil tell you? Ok it’s women’s fiction that just happens to have hot sex.

So the plan (besides deciding what to do with the proposal with Raine)? January–finish editing TCRA and send it to the agent or the epublisher.

February & March–write a proposal for a Bluebonnet anthology, write a novella and finish the proposal for Confessions (I have to do some interviews first–tyvm Emma)

Oh yeah and get some bookmarks made because I have a book release in um like 5 months I think. 😀 Funny a year ago I was ready to quit–sometimes I still question my sanity as it pertains to this business but good, bad or ugly I’m here…….So what are your plans for the rest of the first quarter of 2007?
PS…if you didn’t stop by SFC on Monday I sold a short story to Zane for her upcoming Caramel Flava 2 anthology! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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9 thoughts on “My Brain is a Scary Place

  1. :woot:YAY on the sell!!!!!!!

    And you know… I am all for women’s fic with hot sex and a HEA *g*.

    One of my biggest issues with Blue Moon was it didn’t feel like a complete story to me. It sooooo needs to be sold and done up right as the series it is suppose to be.

    I need to know I am reading Women’s fiction. Going into one expecting a Romance, screws with my enjoyment. For me it would be like reading a murder mystery and never having a murder happen.

    And no WF isn’t MY reading of choice but I will read it and like it if the writing is good ::coughheacough::. And hon you can write.

  2. Plans?
    Writers actually make PLANS??
    HA!!!!!!!! :hushup:

    Of course, you know what I’m gonna say too.
    If these stories are as near and dear to your heart as I know they are…
    Screw what you think you should be writing, or what others think you should be writing, or what’s convenient, etc.

    You’ve always had a voice for women’s fiction, Ames. Write what you love.

    (but only if I get to write Miss Mae’s dialogue, lol!) :kiss:

  3. Blogposts on the same topic 🙂 I would still love to go back to my first story, too. Not yet. In good time 🙂 Enjoy yours!

  4. :lighterup: Ya know I have had to take so many steps back and look at where I am, ran into brick walls and over a few cliffs, been round in circles and dragged all over H*ll, that I do know where you are coming from lol. I get caught up in all sorts of stuff and am usually in ass deep before I realize I’m more drained than energized. Ya also know, I think you have one of the strongest mainstream fiction voices of anyone I have read (and I read a lot lol) It would be a shame to deprive us of that talent, and though I think anything you write is great, I happen to be a big fan of WF/w-HS so you could just write it for me I’d be a happy camper:lol: writing what you love is really the key to making all the madness make sense. I have to remind myself that too, but we’re all a bit insane for doing what we do, might as well enjoy the trip and feel like it was worth it. I have stories I love, ones that I know were meant to be written. There’s nothing like that feeling. I’m here to say, your passion for certain books shows, you’ve the talent to make the reader feel that too.
    so…Go for it!

  5. LOL Jordan I knew I could count on you.

    Sybil *cougheadcough* yourself 😆


    Evie I think about you (and worry about you) all the time. I hope you come out of everything okay–you’re too damned good a writer to quit because of a bunch of bullshit. We ARE insane and it IS insane….and still we do it. We’re massochists I swear. :kiss: