My (Boring) Week In Review

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ETA: My guest blog is up at KatieBabs on why you should read YA 😀


Sunday–Finally figured out plot/world building issue for ParaRom and spent 3-4 hours working on synopsis. Nailed–like totally. Wrote five pages on contemporary steamyrom.  Recovered from Saturday yardwork and forgot to cook dinner.  Read through more of The Power of Less.

Monday–Cut hair. Big mistake.  Now front sides of hair are uneven and I have a book signing next Saturday. #sad.

Rewrote opening of ParaRom and sent it to Raine.  Tweaked synopsis of ContemSteamyRom but still not happy with it.  Set aside for now.  Decided cooking was overrated and went the easy route for the week. Had weird dream that strangely coincided with #2 child’s dream.

Tuesday–Tweaked opening of ParaRom.

Wednesday–Sent first two chapters of SCRom to agent (or was that Tuesday)  anyway….Exhausted, sleeping in all week since I dont have to get #1 child up at 6 AM.  Bumped new meds up by 20mg.  Worked through list of things to clean instead of writing.

Thursday–In the middle of putting dinner in crock pot and son says he can’t see striaght/is dizzy/feels horrible.  Dash to doctor completely freaked out because of dueling dreams (his-passed out; mine-asthma attack which he’s never had before).  Dr. says it’s inner ear (it’s rained EVERY day this week here) and gives us meds.  Relax. Go to work laughing it off.

Struggle with putting ParaRom heroine in first person.  I can’t resist; she sounds SO much better in first than in third–debating if I should write her in first then flip it to third but damn that’s a lot of work and I HATE flipping tense. I’d rather be beaten repeatedly.  Sent ParaRom to beta readers. Got great feedback.  Need to nail second chapter then I can paste in already-written pages.

Friday–Up at 4:45.  Ran to Target for dog/cat food. Picked up new Kelley Armstrong YA and Forest of Hands and Teeth (also YA), and picked up Shinedown CD, ran home, fed cats, locked up dogs, took meds.  Bumped new meds up another 20 mg. WHOA! Like a sledgehammer. I think I found a winner.  Ran to bank then to work.  Almost finished one big project; not sure I’ll ever finish the other project; emailed doc about correct dosage before I left work.  Came home and cleaned living room.  Too tired to write.  Vegged out catching up on DVR after kids left.

Saturday– up at 6 WTH :(  Take off at 845 for hairdresser.  Have straight hair again and it’s even now (and she did not yell at me)–happy day!   Struggling against urge to crawl back into bed.  Would like more sleep but need to go write.

General stuff: My life…it is SO exciting (not).

Writing openings is normally as easy for me as nailing drunk co-eds is for frat boys :(  But the ParaRom has been a struggle.  In part because I loved the opening I wrote–I loved the words–but it wasn’t getting the job done.  And in part because world building is still a struggle for me.  You can’t just arbitrarily make shit up–I personally, have to be able to reason out in my head why something is the way it is.  And in this case, world building went also to plot points.

I have too much damn stuff.  It is time to get my stuff under control LOL

Other than books, cuz come on, let’s be realistic, I promise no more stuff until I clean out the stuff.  The list of stuff to clean/throw away is very very long.  I need to get over my attachment to stuff I keep, “Just in case.”

It’s just stuff and most of it is stuff I don’t need or stuff that’s making me crazy, and dragging me down, thus it needs to go.  I do better with lists, even long ones. It’s also easier for me if I break down “clean room a” into a list of bite size chores (pick up floor, clean out couch, straighten games, dust bookshelf, clean off fireplace, etc)–maybe childish in its simplicity but it works for me (so far LOL).  It does make for a longer list but I think it’s easier for me to see what’s in front of me.

Weekend goals: Post #TeamTwitterNets book winners, finish up chapter two of ParaRom and tweak synopsis so I can send to Agent Holly on Monday, finish cleaning room and one closet.  Get stuff ready for ARC* pickup, and coerce Emma into finishing website updates.

Giving myself the month of May (and maybe June) to get house in order before I tackle another big non-writing/house project.  Also need to get busy on new novella on Monday.

No Wolverine until next weekend when I can go with #2 son. Ooooo nap how I want thee…..


*ARC=Association for Retarded Citizens, they pick up about once a month.

4 thoughts on “My (Boring) Week In Review

  1. Girl, I hear you on the boring. My week has been one long boring mess. Yours sounds vastly more exciting than mine. And yay for a new project! I am still between projects, and it’s bugging me. 🙂

  2. Cyndi….borrow away!!!

    Jill….work projects are NOT exciting LOL

    And for the record I did NOT go to Target at 445 okay? I waited until they opened LOL

  3. Holy crap. You sure got a lot accomplished. Me…I did a whole lotta nothin’.

    The house stuff really does make a difference. We’ve been doing house repairs and cleaning jobs for the past few weeks and it has improved my mood a ton.