Mutant Basketball Moms From Hell

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My new single title mom-lit about a basketball mom who kills referees who anger her just with the power of her loud shreiky voice. She’s also developed the ability to completely mortify her son, piss off the refs, and embarrass other parents in a single screech. Look for it soon from STFU Books.

Seriously we just came from Elvis’s basketball game and there was this mom. You know, THAT PARENT. Usually TP is a man–he’s loud, he’s obnoxious and Dadaging (dad/managing) his child’s life from the bleachers but in this case, it was a mom (Momaging). Now, don’t get me wrong. I yell and I can be loud but I’m not obnoxious (or try not to be) and I’m just as likely to yell encouragement as I am to yell “Come on,” to the refs. Yes, refs make bad calls but they’re human. Yes, kids screw up but JESUS PEOPLE they’re kids. Get a life. Take a valium and get a clue. I have NEVER in my life been so mortified–EVAH.

And honest to Gawd, I’m surprised she didn’t get thrown out.

So have you ever met a parent like this? How bad was it?**
*I keep remembering/forgetting a really funny conversation with Elvis that I wanted to post.

**Sadly my dad’s a lot like this too *sigh* thus my deep aversion to football.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and the new installment is up at Manuscript Mavens. Remember when you vote for the next/third installment, that’s me so be kind *ggg*

2 thoughts on “Mutant Basketball Moms From Hell

  1. OMG, LAUGHING!!! You so totally crack me up. I remember doing that with my kids, all the badness that the bitching, griping, LOUD, OBNOXIOUS mothers could ensue. I, for one, am glad that part of my life is over. (((HUGS))) for all you have yet to endure.