Must Write

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Tomorrow is the dentist–yes AGAIN–and I have to fix a family food dish for my son’s 4th grade class :hushup: for Thursday :bleep: so I must write….

So I’ll point you hither and yon………. Bookseller chick go here and here

Pick your favorite midlisters, or just people who have given you a good read lately that don’t get enough credit. Post their names, titles and why they rock in the comments section and we’ll compile a list.

And over at Jake’s blog……..Branding parts one and two…….

8 thoughts on “Must Write

  1. Oh, I feel for you. I have to go to the dentist too but I keep putting it off. I hate dentists. Ugh!

  2. :wtf: What IS it with dental appointments this month? I have one in about a week – hate that deep root cleaning, good as it is for me.

    Have a good rest of the week, Cece.

  3. The dentist told me the other day I take really good care of my teeth and he would like to do about $2,000.00 worth of work on me. Just to avoid problems later.

    Uh…no! :wth:

    Let’s don’t and say we did!

  4. UGHHHHHHH I know I need to go but well……the kids need it worse. SANDY what is it with dentists?