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And I gobbled up finished Little Brother Saturday night, despite a HUGE case of book/writer envy. This was one of those books I read and thought/wished I’d written it because DAYUM it was that good. And also made for interesting reading after this conversation where Raine asked how much authors put of themselves in their work, and then this one where Jess Battis had this to ponder about the passage of Prop8, “How does this affect our writing, our worlds, our characters?  Do we have the obligation, as cultural actors, critics, writers, and artists, to protect civil rights and denounce discrimination?  Can we remain neutral?”.

Though the two conversations were a bit different, in relation to Little Brother, both conversations were eerily the same and here’s why (I don’t know Mr. Doctorow and I”m totally speculating here): As I read LB, it seemed as if Doctorow said, “Wow our world is kinda shitty right now….Hmmm how could I make it worse?” And then he did in a big way that totally succeeds.

Maybe Doctorow didn’t set out to write an “Issues” book, but LB is–and the issue is the world we live in/giving up our freedom and the true meaning of terror(I could go on and on but I’ll spare you). At the same time, it’s not a book that preaches to you…it’s entertaining, well written, a great story AND it totally makes you think. I firmly believe everyone over the age of 12 should be required to read this book because the scarriest thing about Little Brother is it’s high believability factor.

3 thoughts on “Must Reads

  1. Mr. Doctorow is very vocal on various social issues, especially freedom. I have read several blogs he’s contributed to in the past. He’s direct about his feelings and thoughts. I’ve started reading LB. Dh finished it. Liked it. But my point is if there are issues brought up in his book, then they were done on purpose. 🙂

  2. Sounds like I will have to pick it up.
    Got three chapters of a novel sitting on the hard drive, an urban fantasy/romance, part of which deals with how eager we are to surrender freedom for security.
    LB sounds like something I’d like.